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God or mammon?

We've been praying the wrong prayers. Stressing the wrong stresses. Crying the wrong tears. This adversity of which we speak is no adversity at all. It's not a stumble nor even a fall. This thing we call fire is not even a flame. And the fact that we wring our hands in despair is a shame. True adversity growls and prowls around seeking those who try to hide. But there are many who suffer true sufferings inside. Hurricane and flood waters wash away lives. Entire families, little babies, and old folks alike. Yet we have the nerve to pray about debt. Like a worst tragedy on earth has never been met. Do we serve God, or do we serve this money we desperately ask Him for? Do we lay awake at ni

I'm not Leslie...

I'm not Leslie. I'm "Leslie with the 6 kids." That's how people introduce me to their friends. My kids could've had crazy college money if I had a dollar for every time I heard, "How do you do it?" and "How do you look so sane?" or "Why do you seem so peaceful?" My standard answer has evolved over time. First I'd say, "I'm just taking it one day at a time," then "Girl, just a whole lotta prayer," then "God is good!" ​ Now that this child-raising experiment has concluded with some pretty awesome adult human beings, I'm prepared to answer those questions in depth. I joke now about how I sometimes wanted to run away from home, but didn't. Why? Because I'd run to God instead! I could not have be