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Oh, the devastation!

Inspired by the first chapter of the Book of Joel, verses 1-12... This entire passage is devastation. It’s like a life spun out of control and dying a slow death. External forces swoop in and gnaw away at all the hard work you’ve done during planting season. The sweat of your brow has been in vain because your harvest is stolen away from you. There’s no life left in your garden with which to sustain yourself. But why? What have you done wrong? Awake, you drunkards, and weep, and wail, all you drinkers of wine, because of the sweet wine, for it is cut off from your mouth. Joel 1:5 You're often knocked so far back that you're shocked senseless. You scratch your head looking for answers, and fi

What a coincidence!

To all of my Bible buddies who stop by from time to time to see how my journey is going, I have something to share with you that happened to me yesterday... You may have noticed that I haven’t posted on my blog in a couple of weeks. That’s because I feel like I've been forcing something that should just flow. I’m not talking about the reading portion of my journey. It’s the nightly blog posts that I’ve been forcing myself to write, no matter how late it gets. I’ve been thinking that if it has to be forced, then perhaps I’m being led by my SELF instead of by God. So, I decided to take a little break, in hopes of getting my juices to flow again. Then, I stumbled across something purely by happ