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God gave me love

Years ago, God gave me love. Little old me, He gave me thee. Never having felt love's grace, I didn't recognize its face. So I walked away callously, and suffered tremendously without you. I hurt you. I lost you. That was strike one. But our love was not done, The grace of God's love brought your love back to me. Little old me who never knew what love could be. Collaterally damaged by one who would flee, and another whose pain spilled all over me. There was no love to be found until we found we. But then there was strike two. With self-centered seeds of discontent, the tall weeds grew, and pricked our hearts through and through. Both injured by friendly fire, God waved the white flag and shouted, "Time out!" He refused to let us bleed out. His love healed our wounds like a salve, and restored the love we didn't deserve to have. Now

Presented with the opportunity to engage in strike three, I obstinately and definitively refuse. My momma didn't raise no fool! Proverbs says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. And here's what I know to be true, I fear Him and love Him for who He is, and also for bringing me you.

Your love

It is the gift He knew I needed all of my life. A life that began in the midst of strife. No one understands that except you and me. That's what makes US unique. Our love is too precious to deny with our words for the sake of anything earthly. Therefore, there will be no strike three! How ungrateful could we be? God gave us this gift of love, And I'll treasure it for all eternity.