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Why do I need Jesus?

Because when I'm angry, I need His peace to keep me calm. Because when I'm weak, I need His strength to make me strong. Because when I'm cold, I need His love to keep me warm. Because when I'm afraid, I need His power to keep me safe from harm. Because when I'm alone, I need His presence.

Because when I'm wrong, I need His lessons. Because when I'm confused, I need His vantage. Because when I'm hurt, I need His bandage.

Because when I'm broken, I need His arms to hold me together.

Because when the fullness of days is upon me, I'll need His forever. I can't get enough of my Lord, Jesus...especially lately. Though I appear normal on the outside, I suffer innately. Only He knows the depths of my sorrows...only He truly cares. He knows when I'm smiling it's because He's standing there. He doesn't need me to put up a front for His sake. He accepts me for who I need to be fake. That's why I need mere mortal could fill His shoes. He's the Light in dark places. He's the Savior I choose.

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