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Bible buddies in the New Year

Happy New Year! Once again, I'm on the road to reading the entire Bible by the end of the year. And this year, I'm determined to finish. So about a month ago, I put out a call for others to join me on this journey, so that we can share our impressions while keeping each other on track. We'll be using the Read Scripture app by Crazy Love Ministries because it has video overviews and gives some background information to help us understand a little better. You can download it at

You can also join the discussion by following my Facebook page at listen2leslie. I'll be posting my impressions here and there, but I'm more interested in hearing yours. Although many of us already have a church family, we find ourselves all alone in our attempts to read the Bible cover-to-cover. So, I thought it would be pretty cool to have an online group of Bible Buddies to read through all 66 books. What do you think about that?

Day 1 - Genesis chapters 1-3 and Psalms 1

As I read the first three chapters of Genesis for the umpteenth time (because I always start here), I'm still in awe of God's creation. Whether the days are 24 hours or something else we can't comprehend, the beauty and wonder of life is absolutely remarkable to me. But I do have a couple of weird observations.

The only creation of God that feels naked is mankind. Neither birds, nor fish, nor 4-legged animals cover their natural bodies like we do. If Adam had not eaten the forbidden fruit, humans would never have felt naked, would never have had to eat anything other than plant life, and of course wouldn't have to be born through the pain of a woman's labor.

I also wonder if animals suffer pain when giving birth, like women do. Of course there are the theological questions that many focus on, but I've never heard anyone explore the ones that just came to my mind.

And, Psalms 1 is a beautiful introduction to our Bible journey. It's the perfect Scripture because it reminds us to meditate in the Word day and night. It tells me that if I want to be blessed with a capital B, then I have to be careful who I receive advice from. In fact, I probably should just seek God's way because how am I supposed to know who's ungodly? Many people present themselves as a wolf in sheep's clothing. So, it's better to be safe than sorry, and leave all counsel from outsiders outside.

God's way is delightful, joyful, rewarding, fulfilling, lovely! His way is so peaceful and makes so much sense! Why wouldn't I want to just bask in the glow of it day and night? Why wouldn't it be the first thing I run to in the morning, like that fresh pot of coffee? And why wouldn't I turn to it last thing at night, like my warm flannel pajamas and fluffy pillow? I love it like I love my husband. Every morning I smile when I turn over and he's laying next to me, keeping me safe and warm. And every night I breathe a sigh when we embrace and kiss each other good night. The fulfillment, warmth, peace, and passion for God's word is exactly like that to me. With verses 1 and 2 firmly in place, my verse 3 tree will never thirst for water. In fact, it will have all the water it needs. I read once that when you see references to flowing water in the Bible, it symbolizes the Holy Spirit. If that's the case here, this is telling me that with verses 1 and 2 in force in my life, the Holy Spirit will fill me to overflowing. The Holy Spirit will ground me and provide all the nourishment I need, all the understanding and peace I'll ever need to produce a voluminous crop.

I don't need advice from others. I don't need to engage in sinful behavior to prosper. I don't need to seek revenge or retribution. All I need to do is accept and embrace the joy and love contained in God's Word, and true prosperity will flow, courtesy of the presence of His Holy Spirit. Wow!

What did you think of today's chapters? Feel free to comment below, or by visiting my Facebook page.

*Welcome to my one-year trip around the world of Scripture. You’re invited to take this journey with me, as I meditate on God’s Word day and night. Each morning, you’ll find a post on my Facebook page encouraging my new #Biblebuddies along the way. And each night, I’ll be writing my impressions right here at I’d love it if you’d share your comments, to spark some fruitful discussion. The only passport you’ll need for this journey is the Read Scripture app which provides us with our daily itinerary. You’ll love this app because it contains videos by The Bible Project that serve as our tour guide. Traveling is so much better when you have someone to share the experience with, so please join me, will you?

(In case you were wondering, this blog is a labor of love for me.❤️ The links contained in my posts are NOT affiliate links. I include them in order to share with you the actual pages and apps I use during the course of my own personal journey. Money muddies the waters, and I like my water clear. Amen? 😉)

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