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Sins of the father...

First of all, I have to say I already love what The Bible Project videos are bringing to my personal Bible study. Don't you? Today's video was about the Image of God, and how Jesus is the embodiment of that image. You can check it out in the Read Scripture app, or on YouTube.

Quite a few things jumped out at me as I was reading today. One was Cain's offering. It says that he brought the fruit of the ground. But fruit grows on trees or vines, not the ground. Right? So what Cain offered to God was the overripe or rotten fruit that had fallen to the ground. Who knows how long it had been there, and what had trampled over it. What kind of offering is that? It's no wonder that God wasn't pleased.

Day 2 - Genesis chapters 4-7 and Psalms 2

This paints a picture for me in my own giving. When we give to our children, it's a loving sacrifice. We made sure our babies had diapers and formula, when that money could have bought us a new pair of shoes every month. We made sure our children had new toys to play with at every stage, when that money could have paid for our own entertainment. We literally paid thousands for their education, when that money could have paid off our house or saved up for our near future retirement.

We've always given to our kids before giving to ourselves, and we do so happily. This is the kind of giving that pleases God, not just to our own children, but to His!

Bloodline Another realization I had after reading about Cain, then Noah, was the fact that their choices in life directly affected their offspring for generations. Cain was a murderer, and he was concerned that he would reap what he sowed. It appears that he and his descendants had to wander around in barren land, always looking over their shoulders. His own seed, Lamech, also became a murderer after he was wounded by a young man.

Then there was Noah. Noah decided to listen to God despite the surrounding sentiment of his neighbors and friends. This reminded me of yesterday's reading in Psalms 1. He literally went against all of society when he obediently built the ark. Genesis says Noah walked with God. He was righteous and blameless. Does walking with God equate to meditating in God's law day and night? If we don't spend quality time with Him, how can we know Him? And, if we don't know Him, how can we walk with Him?

So in knowing God, and walking with Him instead of with the world, Noah's Psalms1:3 tree was firmly planted. He was nourished by the rivers of waters, instead of drowning in it. This goes back to the point in my Day 1 post about listening to God instead of following the advice of others who may or may not even know that they are dressed in sheep's clothing.

While Cain's selfishness led to murder, and doomed his bloodline to a life of struggle, Noah's righteousness spared the lives of his entire household. His righteousness blessed his bloodline. The actions we take, and the choices we make, are often replicated and repeated in our offspring. So, what this tells me is if I want better for my children and grandchildren for generations to come, I have to walk as closely to God as I can. I can't succumb to the will of the flesh because DNA isn't the only thing that's genetic. The seeds we sow crop up for generations.

What jumps out at you as you read these chapters? Feel free to comment below, or by visiting my Facebook page.

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