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66 Books!

On January 1st, I embarked upon this journey to complete all 66 books of the Bible before the end of the year. It’s just one week later, and I’m already having to push myself to stay on track every single day. You see, I’m not a creature of habit. I get bored with routine. I’m not very good at planning ahead, not even a week out.

Day 8 - Genesis chapters 25-28 and Psalms 8

So, taking on a challenge like this, which includes a daily schedule for the next 12 months, well it’s rather daunting! Add to that the second commitment I made to myself of writing down the thoughts, questions, and revelations I have as I read...every single day. It’s starting to feel like a monumental task.

There were two times this week where I found myself staring at a blank page, which is a writer’s worst nightmare. The first time, I tried to bail, but was given a pep talk by my son. I managed to crank out a transparent post that night, and some very gracious people expressed their appreciation for it.

But, the second time I was faced with an empty page, I took a step back to reflect. Chapter 2 of Genesis came to my mind, which begins with God having completed His masterpiece called Creation. Then, on the 7th day, He rested. It occurred to me (or perhaps God revealed to me) that it was also my 7th day on this journey. So, last night, I rested.

This morning, I continued reading in Genesis, but it was Psalms 8 that moved me deeply. While Genesis stirs up question after question within me, the Psalms stir up raw emotion. The beautiful words are written in a rhythm that appeals to my poetic side. And if I use my imagination, I can almost hear the sounds of the instruments playing along as I read. Music has a way of expressing lyrics in a special language that only the deepest parts of your soul can understand.

In the 8th Psalm, we see a clear example of what it looks like when we express our love to the Lord. It so moved me that I was inspired to write my own love note:

Dear God,

You are the all-knowing, all-powerful, almighty Creator of all things. Yet, You care about little old me. You allow me to talk to You. And You answer me. You provide all I need and all I didn't even know I needed. You lead me to right places and away from wrong. You, the Omnipotent, are also Omnipresent. You must truly love us to bother Yourself with us flawed, ungrateful, self-centered creatures. I love you just for being You!



This is why I’m so appreciative of the fact that the Read Scripture app includes a chapter of Psalms on the schedule each and every day. For me, it’s a welcome respite from the drama and intrigue that we’ve seen in Genesis so far. So in my next post, I’ll reflect on all the Psalms we’ve read in the previous week. They really do deserve equal time!

How was the first week on your 2018 Bible journey? Feel free to comment below, or by visiting my Facebook page.

*Welcome to my one-year trip around the world of Scripture. You’re invited to take this journey with me, as I meditate on God’s Word day and night. Each morning, you’ll find a post on my Facebook page encouraging my new #Biblebuddies along the way. And each night, I’ll be writing my impressions right here at I’d love it if you’d share your comments, to spark some fruitful discussion. The only passport you’ll need for this journey is the Read Scripture app which provides us with our daily itinerary. You’ll love this app because it contains videos by The Bible Project that serve as our tour guide. Traveling is so much better when you have someone to share the experience with, so please join me, will you?

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