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Genesis is binge-worthy

Somebody needs to put the book of Genesis on film. Pronto! It could be a 10-episode binge-worthy series on Netflix or Amazon Prime. And, I would definitely throw a watch party for it, complete with popcorn and milk duds.

Just when you think you've seen it all, from brotherly homicide to a drunken naked patriarch to ravenous men roaming the streets at night to incestuous daughters to a stolen inheritance to death during childbirth to false imprisonment...and then there was Tamar.

Day 12 - Genesis chapters 38-40 and Psalms 12.

A woman posed as a prostitute in order to trick her dead husband's father into impregnating her. Judah's first son was married to Tamar when he was struck down by God for his wickedness. Then another of Judah's sons was also struck down by God after dealing falsely with Tamar.

So here she was, widowed and childless, living for years in her father-in-law's household. Tamar must have been known as the bad luck girl. Judah had previously promised her yet another of his sons, but reneged because he didn't want to see him struck down, too.

Little did he know, Tamar had a surprise for him. As far as she was concerned, somebody in that household was going to give her a baby, and therefore a purpose.

I imagine that she was a woman in limbo, without a family, without status. Without a legitimate heir, she could've been kicked out on a whim. Without children she would have no one to care for her in her old age.

What else could she have done? What would you do?

Later, in the book of Matthew, we learn that Jesus was born into this family many generations later. Why would God choose the unlikely union of Judah and Tamar as the lineage from which His Son would emerge?

My guess is that no one on the planet deserved such an honor, anyway. Every human being is flawed, in God's eyes. None were worthy then, just as none are worthy now.

He birthed His Son through a line of flawed humans, into a world full of flawed humans, in order to rescue the flawed humans from themselves. There was no other way.

When firemen come to the rescue, they must enter a burning building. It's dangerous. Their very lives are at stake. But somewhere down deep, they have a love for human life. And it's their job to save it, regardless of a person's history.

That's how I see Jesus sometimes. And it doesn't matter that Judah intended to solicit a prostitute or that Tamar intentionally slept with her father-in-law. Perhaps this is why Jesus had so much compassion for those who were outcast and downtrodden. They loved Him because He loved them first (1 John 4:19).

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