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God's gift

I'm often amazed by the gifts and talents that people have. Some people can run or swim at record speed. Some can play piano by ear. Some sing like angels. Some can perform complicated scientific calculations. Of course, they work on perfecting their crafts, but the innate ability to develop these talents is a gift.

Joseph recognized this when he told Pharaoh that his gift of interpreting dreams was not his own ability, but God's through him. Joseph didn't brag or boast about his gift. He didn't even use it to get himself out of prison sooner. Joseph used his gift for good, and he gave God the credit for it.

Day 13 - Genesis 41-42 and Psalms 13

Gifts are usually given from one person to another. They're not earned, but given out of the goodness of someone's heart. If my husband gives me a beautiful bracelet, and someone compliments me on it, I'll say, "Thanks, my husband gave it to me." I won't say, "Thanks, I made it myself."

But, that's how some of us react when we're acknowledged for our talents. We accept all the praise for them, without honoring the Giver of the gifts. We act like the gifts we were born with somehow surfaced by chance, and we exercise those gifts without a sense of gratitude to the Giver.

In just one verse, Joseph gave us an example to follow whenever we exercise the gifts we've been given. He didn't barter or negotiate with Pharaoh before giving him God's message. He didn't refuse to help him out of anger for being imprisoned. He obeyed God by interpreting Pharaoh's dream, but not before letting him know that the gift was from God, instead of from himself.

As a result of this, God not only delivered Joseph from his imprisonment, but He elevated him to a position higher than everyone in the land besides Pharaoh. God's gifts just keep on giving, especially when we use them for His honor.

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