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God bless the child

It's day 16 of my Bible journey, and I feel a sense of accomplishment for having completed the first leg of my trip. The curtains closed on Genesis today, and the final act was Jacob blessing his sons before taking his last breath.

It was bittersweet because I'm happy about moving on, but I'm going to miss the spectrum of emotions I felt while reading about everyone from Adam and Eve to Jacob and Rachel.

Day 16 - Genesis 48-50 and Psalms 16

There was love, hate, fear, desperation, heartbreak, disobedience, consequences, triumph, loss, and so much more. Genesis was a jam-packed introduction to the Scriptures. Having read about its well-known figures many times over the years, I now feel like I know them more intimately than ever.

That's probably because I didn't just read about them here and there, but I digested all 50 chapters in a row within just a couple of weeks. Plus, journaling about them immersed me into their lives and helped me feel more connected to them. I see them as real people instead of just characters in a book.

Today, I was particularly moved by the blessings that Jacob spoke over his sons...well, most of them. My husband and I have a handful of adult sons ourselves, six to be exact, and I was reminded of the many prayers and blessings we've prayed over them throughout the years.

Jacob and his father, Isaac, appear to have reserved their blessings for their sons after they reached adulthood. But, the prayers we spoke over our sons began when they were still in my womb, and continued throughout their childhood.

It's my usual practice to have a moment of prayer before I begin reading the Scriptures. In that moment, I pray for wisdom, revelation, and understanding as I read. But today, I was moved to name each of my sons in my morning prayer, thanking God for having His hands on them, drawing them close to Him, and filling them with His wisdom for living out whatever purpose He has for them.

To be led in that direction this morning, before knowing that today's chapters would coincide with my prayer, is just remarkable to me. God never ceases to amaze me. His love for me and attentiveness to me are evident every day in the most subtle ways. That’s when I say, “God is winking at me.” And I smile.

Today's reading confirmed for me how important it is for us to bless our children. Over the years, we've prayed for their healing whenever they had the slightest cough or runny nose. I remember praying that they would have good teachers when they started each new school year.

Before they even reached puberty, I prayed that God would bring each of them a wonderful woman someday who would love them unconditionally, and whom they would adore. We’ve prayed for our children’s children, those already here and those as yet unborn.

At times when our sons disappointed us, as offspring inevitably will, my husband and I would find ourselves commiserating with each other, speaking all the wrong that they've done. This one is selfish. That one won't apply himself. This one wastes money. That one chooses the wrong friends. This one needs to grow up. That one needs to wake up. Blah blah blah.

And, then we remember that we are people of faith. We believe Proverbs 18 where it says, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue." We don't just believe it, we live it. So, we must be careful about allowing our disappointments to control what we say about our sons. What we say soon becomes what we believe. And what we believe shall come to pass. Amen?

That's when we bring ourselves back to our spiritual center. We've gone to God many times asking for forgiveness about our confessions, and then we make a U-turn. When one of us slips into speaking negatively about the circumstances surrounding our sons, the other says, "But we prayed about this, right?" And we zip up the lips until the lips begin to fall in line, speaking not just positive words, but words of faith...words that bless.

Although all of our sons were teenagers at the same time, we had none of the typical problems with them. They all did well in school, then went onto college. They're all hard working men who are generous and caring of others. We often meet people who know them, and they always go out of their way to tell us what gentlemen they are.

I could go on, but this isn't about how great our sons are. This is about how our words can either build up or tear down our children. Let our words, as well as our deeds, be a blessing upon our children and our children's children. I believe that God has blessed our sons thus far, according to our faith. Now that they're men, I look forward to the next time we see each one of them in person again so that we can lay hands upon them...and give them a blessing of Biblical proportions.

What words do you speak over your children? Feel free to comment below, or by visiting my Facebook page.

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