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It's question time again...

As usual, I'm full of questions now that the second leg of my trip is underway. Yesterday I arrived at Exodus, and after taking a moment to get settled, I'm ready to begin my tour of Egypt and Midian. But first, I have to do something about all those question marks floating around in my head.

Day 18 - Exodus 4-6 and Psalms 18

Someday, I suppose I'll research some of these inquiries. But for now, I'll just list them along with the verses that sparked my curiosity, starting with the first chapter. Maybe someone might stumble across this post and help me answer some of them. In the meantime, I'll keep thanking God for giving me understanding.

Chapter and verse

1:6-8 - Why does The Bible Project Exodus part 1 video say that 400 years passed between Jacob and Moses? It doesn’t say that here. Maybe it’s somewhere in the genealogies?

2:1 - So Moses was a descendant of Levi on both sides? Isn't this like both Joseph and Mary (Jesus' earthly parents) being descendants of King David?

2:7 - Why didn't Pharaoh's sister throw baby Moses into the river? What made her want a Hebrew child?

2:9-10 - This is more of a comment than a question...but how painful it must have been for Moses’ mother to nurse her own son for months, maybe years, then have to give him away. They bonded. She held him. Raised him. Loved him. Then turned him over. I wonder why she didn’t try to run away. She probably had no resources to do so, and they would’ve died in the desert together. Pharaoh’s daughter probably had a guard watching over them, anyway. 2:23 - Why did God allow the Israelites to become slaves in a foreign land in the first place? What did they do? Were they suffering the punishment of Jacob's sons for what they did to Joseph? If so, then what about Joseph's descendants? Why would they also have to suffer? Or was it because of some other disobedience? Did they become so entrenched in Egyptian culture that they forgot their God? Did they worship Egyptian gods?

3:1 - What is Moses' father-in-law's name? This chapter says Jethro, but I thought his name was Reuel. Why does he have two names? And why did Moses need his permission to leave? Did he have the same type of deal with him that Jacob had with Laban?

4:21 - Why does God send Moses after His people knowing in advance that he would harden Pharaoh’s heart? Why even bother performing the miracles to persuade him knowing he wouldn’t be convinced? Why not just soften Pharaoh’s heart instead, so the people could go in peace? Did God want to teach the Israelites, as well as the Egyptians, that His power was greater than Pharaoh's?

4:24 - Why did God want to kill Moses? This isn't something we hear about all the time, if ever. What did Moses do to anger God? Did he languish too long at the lodging place? Was he procrastinating? Did he get too comfortable there?

6:2-8 - God's name is The Lord? Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob knew Him as God Almighty, but not as The Lord. Does that mean they had reverence for Him but not a relationship *with* Him? Perhaps this is the difference...

"God Almighty" is to be obeyed (Abraham).

You must be willing to lay down your life for "God Almighty" (Isaac).

"God Almighty" will wrestle with you (Jacob).

But "The Lord" will deliver you.

"The Lord" will embrace you and adopt you into His family.

"The Lord" will make a home for you to thrive and prosper.

Psalm 18 paints a beautiful picture of "The Lord".

6:12 - What are uncircumcised lips? Why was Moses so full of excuses? God always chooses the least likely people to perform His work.

6:20 - Moses’ mother was his father’s aunt?!?

6:30 - With all due respect, Moses was pretty exasperating! But aren’t we all?

What questions did you have as you read about Moses? Feel free to comment below, or by visiting my Facebook page.

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