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Ode to the Pharaoh in you

Hardened hearts refuse to listen. They don’t listen to reason. They don’t listen to wisdom. They don’t listen to God. All they do is listen to themselves. Their own ego. Their own pride.

Hardened hearts refuse to obey. They follow after their own rules. They’re above all others. They place themselves on a pedestal that no one of faith can climb.

Hardened hearts refuse to love. They refuse to give. They refuse to acknowledge that it’s by the grace of God that they live.

Even when the worst case scenario occurs, hardened hearts are driven to anger. They are driven to unforgiveness. Because their hearts are hard, their hearts are like lead. Their hearts are dead.

So many have hardened hearts towards the Lord these days. They’re more convinced of their own power than of His. Their egos are super-sized. It’s on their own power that they rely.

But when life becomes too much to bear, when the ego gets cut down to size, hardened hearts begin to soften. Just a little. Just enough to wonder, “Maybe there is a God. And if there is, then maybe He will help me. He must help me. He must.”

So, out of love, God forgives. He answers their prayers. He gives knowing that their softened hearts are short-lived.

For soon after they receive a quick respite, back to the hardened hearts they go. Back to their pride and ego. Back to the seeds they sow.

Take care not to let your heart grow hard. Stay humble and recognize that it’s not under your own strength that you survive. It is under the power of the One who created you that you’re even alive.

All that you have belongs to Him and Him alone. All that you have is not a possession, but a loan. So do with it according to His will, not your own.

Even magicians working with dark spirits know they can’t compete with the “finger of God.” Because if they had to contend with God’s entire hand, they would surely be unable to stand.

You cannot cheat God, no matter how hard you try. You may think you’ve won. But all you’re doing i