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When Scripture takes you deep into the life of a particular person, like Joseph or Moses, the pages almost turn themselves. The ups and downs of their lives are gripping, and you can’t wait to read what’s going to happen next.

When Scripture takes you on a roller coaster ride of events, like the ten plagues, you don’t even want to close the book. Even though you might know what’s coming, you can’t help but root for Pharaoh to make the right decisions. But, then he doesn’t.

If I close my eyes, I can almost picture myself sitting in a theater, watching each time Pharaoh told Moses to take his people and go, but then changed his mind. The audience around me would throw popcorn at the screen, and yell, “Oh come on! How dense can you be? Dude, you can’t win! Let his people go!”

Meanwhile, I would cover my eyes as the screen becomes covered with frogs and locusts, and the people become covered in painful boils. I can almost feel my skin crawl. Then, I would shed a tear for the death of the firstborns because it wasn’t their fault that they had a stubborn king. My emotions would be all over the place.

Day 27 – Exodus 30-31 and Psalms 27

That’s what makes me look forward to reading the Bible every far. But, now I’ve reached a point where not every chapter grabs my attention. Some require more of an effort to continue. The last few have been that way for me because they contain a lot of detail that, at first glance, seem unimportant. But, from what I know about God thus far, there’s nothing in His Word that’s unimportant. There’s a reason for every sentence, so instead of being driven through today’s and yesterday’s chapters by my emotions, I’m being led by something spirit.

I know I should be led by my spirit at all times, and that’s definitely the goal. But, since my physical senses have dominated my existence all of my life, it takes a consistent and concerted effort to turn up my spiritual sense as I read. For instance, throughout the last few chapters, I had to turn off my boredom. I had to control my urge to skim the pages. I had to force my eyes not to glaze over all the details about the tent of meeting, and the altar, and the priests’ clothing, and the animal sacrifices, etc. Beneath all of that, we can learn something about God.

God was very specific in His instructions to Moses, just like when He instructed Noah how to build the ark. He continues to show us that details are important to Him. And, any deviation from His instructions would have dire consequences, from which there was no turning back. No second chance. In the Old Testament, He was a stern Father whose rules better not be broken, or else. Which makes me walk very far from the edge when it comes to following His Word.

I also realized something else when looking below the surface of all those details. I’m sure including them was for the purpose of passing them down through the generations to Jacobs descendants, but it also has meaning for others through the end of time. It lets everyone know that these are not just stories or fables, but historical events that have been recorded for posterity’s sake. When we read fictional accounts, authors don’t usually spend pages laying out the blueprints complete with materials and measurements of the buildings in their story. We can probably pick any work of fiction, and not find specific details to the degree that we see them throughout the Scriptures. I believe that’s because we’re reading historical records. To me, they’re more like beautifully written textbooks, than fictional fairy tales. And, I find that

But in the past, whenever I tried to read the Bible all the way through, I would get derailed by my own boredom, usually at the point when the text became less entertaining or more detailed. So, I’m praying that this shift in focus to the spiritual significance lying beneath the surface will continue to propel me forward.

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