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Who is Bezalel?

If you’re asking, “Who is Bezalel?” I would respond, “Who is Bezalel, indeed!” Anyone who’s important enough to be filled with the Spirit of God had to have an important role to play. And in today’s chapters, we see just how important he was.

Portrait of Bezalel by artist, James Tissot

Day 29 – Exodus 35-40 and Psalms 29

Bezalel was in charge of building the Tabernacle of God and the Ark of the Covenant. Up to this point, no other structure where God’s presence would reside had been built by man. The golden Ark would contain not just God’s Holy commandments, but His mighty power, too. The specifications with which they were constructed required precise knowledge and ability. And, Bezalel was the young man who was gifted with the ability to get the job done.

A quick Google search turned up the artist’s portrait above, as well as some interesting information about Bezalel. Apparently, Bezalel was only 13 years old when God chose him for this project, which makes his craftsmanship even more remarkable. He truly must have lived “in the shadow of God,” as the meaning of his name suggests.

Bezalel should be a household name, like Moses or Joseph, especially since he’s the first person mentioned so far that God has filled with His spirit. This was Old Testament times when people weren’t “born-again-Spirit-filled believers” like nowadays. His was a rare and special infilling, so I will remember his name from now on.

While reading today’s long and detailed chapters, I admit that I initially skimmed them. One of my Bible buddies joked, “I’m pretty sure God doesn’t want me to build a Tabernacle anytime soon,” so she skimmed, as well. But, because of this Bible challenge that I’ve placed upon myself, I cannot proceed without going back to read it carefully. And, in doing so, something major jumped out at me.

Bezalel could not have constructed the place where God would commune with His children if he had skimmed the instructions. And, when God gives us talent, He doesn’t skim or skimp. In order to create anything with excellence, it requires patience and laser focus. So, I had to take my time with these chapters because God just might be using them to build up something in me.

All of our abilities, talents, discoveries, and accomplishments must come to us as a result of God placing His wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence within us. When God breathed life into Adam, He must have filled Him with His Spirit. So, perhaps He created us so that He could fill us with His Spirit.

All of the wonderful discoveries of mankind must have been placed there by God for people to find. Gravity. Electricity. Fire. Language. Mathematics. The ability to build pyramids and skyscrapers. The invention of the telescope so the constellations could be viewed up close. Automobiles and airplanes. Refrigerators and stoves. Medicines and surgical tools. Musical instruments and beautiful art.

No other creature on earth discovers or invents things. I believe that’s because God only fills humans with the ability to do so. I thank Him for filling me with His Spirit, and for allowing me to use my gifts in service to Him. I’m also thankful for the gifts and talents He has given to everyone else because without them, the world would be quite a boring place.

What talents and abilities do you have? Feel free to comment below, or by visiting my Facebook page.

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