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Set apart

We did it! Today marks another milestone in this journey through the Scriptures. We’ve made it through the entire book of Leviticus unscathed...maybe a little rattled, but intact nonetheless. Are you okay after reading chapter 26? I needed to check my heart rate afterwards because it was frightful.

So, I’m thankful that we’re also cruising at a nice pace through the book of Psalms. It helps me remember why I love God in the midst of reading elsewhere why I also fear Him. The Psalms are giving me life on this journey, like a dose of calm with an extra helping of peace.

Day 39 - Leviticus 26-27 and Psalms 39

Every now and then, we’re treated to a Bible Project video that puts the Scriptures in context for us, and today’s video was no exception. Its quick recap of Leviticus ties together all the “weird” information about rituals, priests, purity, and feasts in such a way that it all makes perfect sense.

The Bible Project Leviticus Overview

The video also does a good job of explaining the purpose of clean and unclean animals. It says that the people abstained from eating unclean animals because doing so set them apart from other nations. And, that this idea of setting themselves apart equates to being holy enough to be in God’s presence. In fact, the entire list of laws and restrictions were written in stone so that Israel would know that they were the only ones on earth with a promise from God. This was their covenant. But is it also ours as believers? If not, then what’s in our covenant? What are the do’s and don’ts?

I believe that we enter into relationship with God today by following the teachings of His Son, in whom He is "well pleased"...the Anointed, Jesus Christ. And, those of us who are called by His Name "shall not perish, but have everlasting life." Being true followers of "the way" in which Jesus taught people to live is what sets us apart today, making us holy, and bringing us into the presence of God. I can’t wait to read the Gospels again, in light of all that I’ve learned from these first three Books of Moses. I’m sure I’ll have a whole new appreciation for Jesus’ words. But, from what I already know of His teachings, setting ourselves apart doesn’t mean putting ourselves on a pedestal. It doesn’t mean that we’re better than anyone else. It doesn’t mean we can look down on others. If Jesus didn’t do that, then neither should His followers. Reading about the Laws of the Covenant has taught me one thing: It was almost impossible to maintain the level of purity that brought the ancient Israelites into relationship with the Lord. With all of their uncleanness in between sacrifices and waiting periods, I would imagine that very few of them were worthy to come into His presence at any given time. So, God must have felt very alone and lonely indeed. I think I might be able to relate to this a little bit. As an only child, I felt alone and lonely most of the time. Then, my husband and I ended up having six kids. We were fruitful, and we multiplied. Suddenly I was surrounded by people who loved and needed me. My life became full and my cup overflowed.

Leviticus 26:9

In Genesis, God told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. Then, He told Noah and his sons to do the same thing after the flood. He wanted to be surrounded by people to love and who would love Him back. But just like parenthood here on earth, you can love them but you can’t make them love you back. You can’t make them stay out of trouble. You can’t make them listen to you. You can’t force them to spend time with you. You can give up the best years of your life for them, and still end up alone and lonely in the end. But God created a way to accept children who had no home. After His own children repeatedly took Him for granted, He opened His home up to those who were alone and lonely just like Him. He adopted them, giving them His Name, too. Some of us adopted kids still run away from home, but others come in every day to fill in the gaps. Now, He’s in constant communication with all of us who are grateful to Him for sacrificing His own Son for us. And, He can never be alone or lonely again. Amen.

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