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Get out! (part 2)

Hubby and I after our weekend trip to Georgia, wearing our airport souvenirs.

The story of our big spontaneous cross-country move continues below, but first things first...

Today we read about how God was finally ready to move His people into the land He promised to give them. I imagined how excited He must have been to give His children the gift He shopped all over the earth to find for them. It was like the perfectly shiny new bike for Christmas.

Day 44 – Numbers chapters 14-16 and Psalms 44

But, when He was just about to unveil it for them, they cried, “I don’t want that one! It’s the wrong color! It’s too big! I’m afraid I’ll fall down and hurt myself!” That’s basically how they responded when they found out there were big scary people in that land.

Can you imagine how God must have felt? Needless to say, He was angry. And, we saw another series of deadly consequences as a result of His anger.

“...none of the men who have seen my glory and signs that I did in Egypt and in the wilderness...shall see the land that I swore to give to their fathers. And none of those who despised me shall see it...your dead bodies shall fall in this wilderness.”

Numbers 14: 22-23,32

Of course, the people had a change of heart when they heard these words. But Moses told them that it was too late, and advised them that they would be destroyed if they tried to battle the people in the lands without God. Here’s the lesson that I received from this:

When God says move, you move.

When He tells you to do something, do it.

When He tells you He’ll protect you, believe it.

When He promises you something, go get it.

Go where God tells you to go.

Go when He tells you to go.

Without delay.

Without wavering.

And, do not go without Him.


When God told me that it was time for us to leave California, I had never read the book of Numbers. But, I knew deep inside that we better not delay. In part 1 of my story, we left off with me having to convince my family of males that it was time to go.

As the only woman surrounded by testosterone on all sides, it’s often a delicate dance that I must do in order to rally the troops, so to speak. Males in my family have a tendency to want to do the exact opposite of what I ask them to do. So, I frequently have to approach them “through the back door,” then I have to “drop breadcrumbs” to maneuver past their natural tendencies.

But, this time I went straight at them. After all, this was God’s command, not mine. When my husband got home that day, the conversation went something like this:

Me: We gotta get out of here!

Hubby: Huh?

Me: I was washing dishes, and I was crying, and I prayed to God, and He said we gotta get out of here.

Hubby: Uhhh, okay. One day. Sure!

Me: No, we have to go now. It’s either now or never.

Hubby: Okay, Leslie (chuckling).

Me: No, really! You know how we’ve always wanted a big house with lots of land all around us?

Hubby: Uhhh, yea.

Me: And, the boys will be applying to college soon. How are we going to afford that?

Hubby: We’ll figure something out by the time that happens.

Me: Okay…

And, I left it alone. If I had pushed more, I would’ve pushed him in the opposite direction. So, I backed off and asked God for more direction on where we should go. I also asked Him to reveal to both of us His plans for us, so that we would be on the same page.

Within a week or so, my husband came back to me and said he’d been looking at houses online in a couple of other states. He was marveling at how much house we could get for our money in Georgia compared to California. His interest was piqued!

Within the next couple of months, we were on a weekend trip to Georgia with our two oldest boys, just to look around. We were amazed at the size of the houses that we saw, and we loved all the trees and space between houses. But, we didn’t find THE house until the day before our scheduled trip back home.

When we pulled up to the driveway of THE house, I told my husband, “This is the one.” He was quiet because the price was well above the budget we had set. But, I felt in my spirit that this was THE house. I always joke about hearing angels sing and seeing a rainbow overhead. I did not, but I might as well have because I believed then, just like I believe now, that God led us there.

We put a contract on the house that day, flew back home the next day, and put our little house on the market. That house was sold in about a week, and we were packing like crazy! About a month later, we said goodbye to Cali and boarded an airplane to Georgia. We didn't worry about finding jobs until after we arrived. Whaaaat?

But, fourteen years later, moving continues to be the absolute best decision we have ever made...aside from getting married to each other, of course. Our family has been beyond blessed in so many ways, which I look forward to sharing in a future post. And, it’s all because of listening to God.

Have you ever thought of moving to another state? Feel free to comment below, or by visiting my Facebook page.

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