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Short and sweet

Tonight’s blog post is going to be short and sweet because I’m having some unfortunate technical difficulties. As my mother always says, “The devil sure is busy!” But, I can’t let that stop me from honoring my commitment to write about the Word every day this year (except on Sundays). I just won't be able to tie it all up in a nice neat bow, as usual. My rough notes on today's chapters are below...

Day 51 – Numbers chapters 33-34 and Psalms 51

33:1-49 - That was a really long passage recapping every stop along the Israelites’ journey from Egypt and through the wilderness. When my eyes started to glaze over all the foreign names of places, I smiled because that reiterates to me that what I’m reading is a historical record, not just a story somebody made up. God is drawing a map for us. He wanted His people...and all know what really happened. All these encampments and nomadic movements of a people who were used to being in one place for centuries must have been disorienting to them. They had trouble finding water from time to time, which must have also been pretty dizzying.

I didn’t pledge a sorority when I was in college, but I imagine they must have felt like they were being hazed. I’ve heard people describe pledging as breaking you down so they can build you up alongside your new brothers or sisters. You form a camaraderie that lasts a lifetime. You’re bound together forever. It’s an unbreakable bond for many, to the point where they still represent their fraternities and sororities into their old age. Perhaps this is what God was doing with the Israelites in the various deserts and camps. Breaking them down in order to build them up into an eternal brotherhood. 34:5 - Yesterday I wrote about the war against Midian where the baby boys had to be killed. I asked God why in my blog post, War is hell. This verse explains why. But here they drive them out instead of killing them. That’s interesting. I guess the Canaanites hadn’t done anything to God’s people like the Midianites did. So maybe God was preserving their lives by just driving them out. But where were they supposed to have gone? And what would motivate them to leave? Probably more killing, to terrorize the masses and make them flee.

I even had a couple of notes on the 51st Psalm... 51:5 - David was conceived in sin? I can’t wait to read about that. I don’t remember any mention of this when I read about David a few years ago. He was just one of many sons. The youngest and smallest, I believe, when he killed Goliath. 51:16-17 - Wow wow wow!!! This confirms what I wrote above about breaking them down so He could build them up. “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart.”

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