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Study buddies

This Bible journey is becoming less and less of a slog the further into the trip I get. No longer am I homesick for the usual routine of doing whatever I want to do with my mornings and evenings. As I approach the end of the second month, I look forward to waking up to see what’s in the chapters for me to learn each day. Today was no exception.

Day 58 - Deuteronomy chapters 15-16 and Psalms 58

But, as I read through what felt like revisiting tourist spots I’ve been to before, nothing new jumped out at me. Perhaps my focus was on my task list for the day. Perhaps I was rushing through so that I could tackle some real-life issues. Whatever the reason, I’m feeling a little uninspired for tonight’s writing assignment.

I use night’s like this to do a little research that puts the Scriptures in context. So, I turned to some trusty study buddies. First, I checked my notes from my husband’s big old study Bible. And, I only found a few notes…

Then, I opened hubby's Bible to the beginning of Deuteronomy so that I could read what I neglected to jot down in my own Bible

Published in 1976 by Thomas Nelson

Eh...still uninspired. So now what? Hey...I just remembered the Archaeological Study Bible that I haven’t picked up in years! It’s so cool, but I never use it because it’s in a translation that I don’t particularly care for. But, it’s got some great study notes on just about every other page…

Published in 2005 by Zondervan Corporation

I'm so excited about remembering this beautiful Bible sitting high on my bookshelf! And, I look forward to incorporating some more background knowledge into my journey. Finding it makes me want to go back and read all the study notes from Genesis to Numbers, too.

Do you have any study materials at home that can help you along your journey? Feel free to comment below, or by visiting my Facebook page.

*Join my one-year trip around the world of Scripture. You’re invited to take this journey with me, as I meditate on God’s Word day and night. Each morning, you’ll find a post on my Facebook page encouraging my new #Biblebuddies along the way. And each night, I’ll be writing my impressions right here at I’d love it if you’d share your comments, to spark some fruitful discussion. The only passport you’ll need for this journey is the Read Scripture app which provides us with our daily itinerary. You’ll love this app because it contains videos by The Bible Project that serve as our tour guide. Traveling is so much better when you have someone to share the experience with, so please join me, will you?

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