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Full of soul

If you've been following my blog or Facebook and Instagram pages, you'll remember that I was excited to write about people in the Bible who were Black, in honor of Black History Month. Then, after some very preliminary research, it didn't take long to realize that the Bible is full of people who were Black. I mean, the better question is: Who wasn't Black in the Bible?

So, I told myself that this was going to be a much more involved project than I had originally thought, and it will require a lot more than just a few weeks of study. I look forward to writing about the discoveries, not just for myself, but especially for my people who are being criticized more and more for following a blonde-haired blue-eyed Jesus.

In the meantime, as we come to the last day of the shortest month of the year, I'd like to leave you with something that's been on my heart for quite some time. I call it...

Full of soul What does soul mean to me? Soul is synonymous with my people. We are soulful. We. Are. Soul. Soul is a deep generational connection to our Source,

the Creator, the Almighty God. The way in which we worship through song and dance was designed by Him. He says,

"I love you.

And here's the special path

which I have created

just for us to express our love

for each other.

I give love so that you feel

abundant joy.

And when your joy is overflowing,

your love comes back to Me."

I imagine God whispering this into my ear, as though I am a little child. But I don't have to imagine it in my soul,

because in my soul is where I feel it, deeply. And I sing. I dance. I smile.

I cry tears of joy. I see the souls of my people overflowing with love all the time.

You see it too. We don't hate. We forgive. We sing. We dance. We laugh. And we cry deeper than any other race of people on the planet. Yet this soulful self-expression has been diverted

from the original path of its purpose. And for this, we suffer. Because of this, we are empty.

Our souls are giving love to vessels that can't give back. These vessels leave us devoid of love for each other. They leave us hungry, starved for affection. They leave us vulnerable to confusion and chaos. We are full of soul,

and yet somehow,

we are powerless. Our souls have become disconnected from each other,

and from our Source. And I cry for my people. My soulful people. My, loving, giving, forgiving people.

We. Are. Soul.


By the way, today is...

Day 59 - Deuteronomy chapters 17-20 and Psalms 59

*Please join my one-year trip around the world of Scripture. You’re invited to take this journey with me, as I meditate on God’s Word day and night. Each morning, you’ll find a post on my Facebook page encouraging my new #Biblebuddies along the way. And each night, I’ll be writing my impressions right here at I’d love it if you’d share your comments, to spark some fruitful discussion. The only passport you’ll need for this journey is the Read Scripture app which provides us with our daily itinerary. You’ll love this app because it contains videos by The Bible Project that serve as our tour guide. Traveling is so much better when you have someone to share the experience with, so please join me, will you?

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