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Love God

Dear people, You were stumbling and falling all over the place. No matter what I did to help you, you still didn’t appreciate it. I gave you the moon and the stars, literally. I gave you beautifully lush landscapes. I gave you nutrient rich soil and delicious fruit.

Yet you rejected me. Man, I gave you a gorgeous woman to please you with her love. Woman, I gave you a loving man to please you with his strength. Children, I gave you self-sacrificing parents to protect and guide you for life.

Yet you rejected me. I gave you a heart that pumps life throughout your body. I gave you a brain to regulate every single bodily function, while also facilitating your capacity to learn, speak, think, create, and remember. I gave you vision with which you can see all the vibrant colors of the rainbow. I even gave you rainbows in the midst of the storm just so that you could see that I am with you.

Yet you rejected me. You stumbled and fell repeatedly, in spite of yourselves. So, I had to do something. What else could I give so you would know that my love for you is real? I looked all over my Kingdom, seeking that which would finally convince you. I looked behind couches and under beds. I searched through closets and attics. I pulled out boxes and turned them upside down. “I’ve already given them everything I could think of,” I said to myself. Then I heard the voice of my Son over my shoulder saying, “You can give them Me.” I turned and looked at Him with trepidation. I shook my head and said, “You? Why, Son? You’re all I have left!” Then He said, “I love you, Father. But I love them too. If we don’t do something drastic, they’re going to self-destruct. The sin that resides inside of them drives them to rebellion. They can’t help themselves. “You keep punishing them for who they are. That’s like punishing a baby when it cries. Babies cry. Mankind sins. That’s what they do. And trying to purge evil from them with force is not working.” I hung my head because I knew my Son was right. But I did not want to see Him go. I did not want to subject Him to the same sinful nature that plagues the earth. I looked into His eyes and saw His determination. I saw His loving heart. And I sighed. “You are right, Son. They won’t listen to me. They can’t hear me. Like babies, their understanding is limited. All they can do is sin. But we can’t let evil continue to win. So, if you think you’re ready, I will turn them over to you. You’ve been with me since the beginning, but now I must let you go.” We hugged and wept on each other’s shoulders. We knew the task at hand would be monumental. The pain would be excruciating. But what else could we do? Before our final goodbye, I said, “There’s something you should know before you go. “Although your love is great and pure, many will reject you, too. Although you will give to the poor and heal the sick, many will hate you still. Although you will teach love and humility, many will curse your name. Although you will approach them with your heart instead of your fist, like I’ve done, many will be afraid or ashamed to embrace you.” I watched the tears well up in the eyes of my Son as he said, “I know, Father. But there will also be many who love me back. Many who will love you because of me. They will be worth the trouble. I promise. “I’ve got to let them know there’s another side of you. So that they can love you like I do. Many will come to see our light through the pitch black that surrounds them. They’ll make every attempt to change their evil ways. Some will be more successful at that than others, but by their attempts we will know their love. We will feel their devotion. “We will help them stand up to the thief in the night. We’ll show them how to keep their doors and windows locked to evil, while also showing them how to open doors to others in need of help. We’ll teach them how to tell the truth and shame the devil. “And when they suffer hurt for our sake, we’ll make our presence known in the quiet of their very souls. My joy will be their strength.” I marveled at my Son’s passion. His words gave me hope, and in that moment, I knew he would do the same for you. In fact, my Son is your last hope. Your only hope. If you can accept my Son’s love and reciprocate it, I will withhold my harsh judgments from you. If you receive my Son with gladness and true repentance, I will give you a chance to redeem yourselves. In fact, I will give you many chances. Your entire life will be full of chances, as long as you remain faithful. As long as your love grows, so will my restraint. This is my last ditch effort to bond with you people. I’ve given everything I have, including my Son and my very own Spirit. You have it all at your fingertips. Now it is up to you what you decide to do with it. I’ll just be sitting here on my throne. Watching and waiting patiently. I won’t force you to join me, but it is my sincere hope that many of you do. Love, God

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Day 60 - Deuteronomy chapters 21-23 and Psalms 60

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