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RIP Moses

It's the end of an era, y'all. Moses climbed to the mountaintop, took a view of the Promised Land, and knew he wouldn't be the one to lead us there. If you're reading Deuteronomy with me, we had to say goodbye to the man who's been leading us since we left Egypt.

He led us through the wilderness and across great waters. He braved the roaring mountain for our sakes, and sometimes talked God into sparing our lives when we made mistakes. He communicated God's laws to us, and made sure we followed them to the letter...or else.

This is just a memorial. No one knows where Moses is buried.

He made sure we didn't die of hunger or thirst as we wandered around aimlessly. Because of him, God sent manna from above, and water from a rock. We whined and complained constantly, but Moses didn't give up on us.

Day 64 - Deuteronomy chapters 32-34 and Psalms 64

He will be sorely missed, as any great leader would be. But now he has gone on to glory. It's the end of an era, and the beginning of another. We will be entering a new chapter tomorrow. Our lives must go on.

But before we go, let's give thanks to God for sending great leaders our way. Although they are great, we must always remember that God is greater. We must lean on Him, for He never dies.


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