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Shout it out

This leg of my trip through Joshua seems to be going pretty quickly. So far, there are no long speeches or lectures to the people. They’ve already spent decades in the wilderness learning what’s expected of them. Now it’s time for them to apply all that Moses taught them. Their new leader happens to be a man of action.

Day 66 - Joshua chapters 5-8 and Psalms 66

Joshua didn’t waste time moving forward into Jericho after the spies returned from scoping the place out. One thing struck me that I never noticed in all the years that I’ve heard about the battle of Jericho. Am I the only one who always thought it was the sound of the trumpets that brought the walls down? That’s the picture I’ve always had in my mind.

But, today I read that Joshua led the people around the walls for six days in a row, trumpets blaring. Then, on the seventh day, they added something different. The people added a loud and collective shout along with the trumpet sounds. THEN, the walls came tumbling down. Why didn’t I notice that before?

The Soweto Gospel Choir

The powerful sounds of the Soweto Gospel Choir

To me that represents the power of collective speech. It represents the power of corporate prayer. And, it represents the power of being unified with a group of people who all have the same purpose, like the moving sounds of a gospel choir.

With God at the forefront of that unified purpose, there’s nothing that can stand up to it. If physical walls protecting an entire city can crumble in the face of power like that, then so will walls that we cannot see.

Walls that separate us from our loved ones. Walls around our broken hearts. Walls that block us from receiving wisdom from God. When we shout at them, with faith and determination in our hearts, they must fall.


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