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Seek God

I love it when all of my favorite Bible resources converge to communicate a unified message. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence when this happens. The message I received today from multiple sources is this:

Seek God, and let the light of His infinite wisdom shine down upon you and whatever decisions you are faced and every day.

Day 67 - Joshua chapters 9-12 and Psalms 67

Sometimes I feel like God is knocking very loudly, trying to get my attention. Today is one of those days, and here’s how it unfolded:

When I woke up, I rolled over and opened my Jesus Calling devotional book to the page for March 8:

Then I read the Scripture references written at the bottom of that page:

When I searched for an image of today's Psalm to share on Facebook and Instagram, I found this:

Then, by the time I started reading in Joshua, I was well prepared for the overarching theme, which to me was, seek God’s counsel, then do what He says. Joshua and his army won battle after battle, doing exactly as God commanded them.

But, there was one moment when they neglected to seek God’s counsel on something that they probably considered to be minor. Like many of us today, Joshua didn’t seek God because he probably thought he could figure it out by himself. And, by relying upon his own understanding, he allowed himself to be tricked into welcoming some of his pagan neighbors into the fold.

'So the men took some of their provisions, but did not ask counsel from the Lord.' Joshua 9:14

I believe Joshua learned his lesson, corrected his behavior, and never made the mistake again about whether to seek God’s counsel or not. By the time we reach chapter 11, he’s following God’s wisdom to the letter.

'And Joshua did to them just as the Lord said to him: he hamstrung their horses and burned their chariots with fire.' Joshua 11:9

The Bible tells us in many places that we should seek God. Look for Him diligently. Most of us have a haphazard way of going about this. We’re not diligent about seeking Him in all things. We rely on our own ways of thinking, and we falter. We get ourselves involved in situations that often have a ripple effect.

The way to end that vicious cycle is to just seek Him. If you feel like God is missing in your life, if you feel like He isn't hearing your prayers, if you don't feel His Him.

But you say, “I have sought Him. I attend worship service every Sunday morning. I pay my tithes. I even go to Bible study on Tuesdays. I pray every night before I go to bed and every morning when I get up. I read this minister's book and watched that pastor's broadcasts and I listen to audio teachings in the car. I do all of that!" But with all of that, have you really sought God Himself? Have you sought His face? And do you actually do what He tells you to do?

If your child went missing, you would seek him or her...personally! Sun up to sun down you would look for him. You would post fliers. You would alert neighbors and family members to be on the lookout. You would think about that child from the moment you wake up until you go to bed late at night, after falling asleep in a pool of tears. Your search would consume your every thought, and every action. You would wonder how that child is feeling. You would carry her picture around in your pocket, and stare at it all day. You would long in the depth of your very soul to be back together with that child again, to have that child by your side, to hold that child, and feed that child, and love that child. That's how earnestly we must seek God if we really want His presence in our lives. Seek HIM directly. Seek His face. And, seek Him often. Every day. Multiple times a day.

Which way should I go? When should I leave? Should I stay? Whom shall I trust? What career path should I take? What school should I go to? Where should I live? What should I spend my money on? Why do I feel sick? What should I do to help my body heal? What have I done to bring about all the drama in my life? What changes do you want me to make? What can I do to get closer to you? How can I find peace? Would you please help me overcome this struggles? What lessons do you want me to learn in the midst of them?

Leave no stone un-turned in your quest to find the Lord. He’s right there, eagerly awaiting your call.


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