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Untamed thoughts

Tonight, as I stare at a blank white screen, my mind is consumed with worldly concerns. No matter how badly I’d like to write about the first warrior woman I’ve met so far on this Bible journey, a prophetess by the name of Deborah, my thoughts won’t let me.

There’s a part of me that wants to examine the cunning yet brutal way that a man had to die in today’s chapters. Another woman, by the name of Jael, calmly drove a stake through his temple as he slept. I gasped when I read that, and perhaps I should explore those emotions further. But, my thoughts won’t let me.

Day 71 - Judges chapters 4-5 and Psalms 71

Maybe I should write about how I have to avert my eyes even from movie screens when scenes like that are depicted. Blood, guts, and violence in general disturb my sensitive spirit. If my mind weren’t cluttered with worldly concerns, perhaps I could visit that topic tonight. But, my thoughts won’t let me.

So, out of obedience and a sense of commitment to God and this project, I’m just forcing my fingers to continue to type. Perhaps there’s someone out there who can relate to the untamed thoughts that I’m having a little trouble bringing under submission tonight. Thoughts of worry, instead of faith. Thoughts of stress, instead of strength.

Ordinarily, I might say that it’s time for me to go back to the well. Spend more time in prayer. Study the Word more deeply. But, I’m doing all of that more than I’ve ever done before. Sometimes you just need the world to stop turning for a little while. Sometimes you just need to catch your breath, and clear your head.

Lord, Your Word tells us to bring every thought into captivity. So, please forgive me for not doing a better job of quieting all the noise in my head today. I know that You are with Me. You’ve proven that in so many ways. Please let me be more useful to You tomorrow. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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