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OMG I'm so sorry!

And God said…

“Why have I forsaken YOU? Is that what you think I’ve done? I want you to take a serious look at your life, and ask Me that question again.”

Then like a child, I look down at my shoes and stammer,

“Umm...well, uhhh...”

“You children can be so ungrateful sometimes,” He says. "You face a little adversity and suddenly it’s all My fault? How can you fix your mouth to complain about the one thing that doesn’t go your way, when everything else does? Maybe I should ask you, ‘Why hast thou forsaken ME?’”

By now, I just want to hit rewind.

“You know what? I was trippin’.

Can we just forget that any of this happened?”

“No, you can’t dig up seeds you’ve already sown.” Then He sits down, and lifts my chin, “You need to understand something here. I have done everything I can to make you happy. I’ve not only surrounded you with My love, but with the love of many. I’ve planted you in a place that I’ve surrounded with my protection. I don’t even let it rain on you!

“I’ve blessed you with great friends and a great marriage. I’ve made sure that every single one of your needs are met. I’ve given you great health and allowed you to age gracefully, both of you...together! I’ve protected your sons in all their comings and goings. Pulled them out of situations you don’t even know about yet, and many they never even saw coming. Why? Because of my love for YOU!

“So, when you have the audacity to ask Me why I have forsaken you, that hurts Me deeply! And, I know you know how I feel because your own son has done the same thing to you. Although you’ve loved him immeasurably, all he can see is what he THINKS you haven’t done for him. Having gone through this yourself, how can you now do the same thing to Me?”

Warm tears begin to fill my eyes. I know He is right.

And, as usual, I’m the one that’s wrong.

“I’m so sorry, Father.”

“When you read about Gideon yesterday, what did you notice about him immediately after I gave him victory in battle?”

“I noticed how he made an idol for everyone to worship,

and I couldn’t understand why he would do that

especially after what You did for him and his people.”

He folds his arms and asks, “What did you just say?”

I look up and slowly repeat myself,

"I couldn’t understand why Gideon

made an idol to worship after...all...that...You...”

By now, He’s nodding. “Do you see what I’m getting at? On the very day that you read about Gideon, you yourself committed the same sin. You created an idol for yourself to worship.”

“No, wait! I didn’t...”

“Yes. You. Did. The very thing you’re in anguish about is the very thing that you worship. You love it so much that you allowed yourself to get angry enough to think I have forsaken you.”

“Oh my God! I didn’t mean to...

I didn’t know, Father. I’m so sorry!”

Now in tears on my knees, “Please forgive me.”

“Get up, child. I forgive you. I love you. I created the heavens and the earth for all of My children, including you. I allowed My own Son to suffer on the Cross for My children, so that you could always come to Me with your concerns. So that you could be forgiven.”

He puts His arm around my shoulder and says, “One more thing. Do you remember what happened after Gideon returned to idol worship?”

“Yes. The idol became a snare to Gideon and his family.

But, I didn’t know what that meant until today

when I read that one of his sons murdered the others.

Abimilech wanted power over Israel,

so he killed 70 of his own brothers to get it.”

“That’s right,” God says. “I delivered Gideon and all of Israel from oppression. I gave them all that they needed in abundance. I blessed Gideon with more sons than he could count. He had it all, but it wasn’t enough.

“He had to go and make himself an idol to worship, instead of just worshiping Me. If only he were satisfied with all that he had been given, his family would not have suffered such a terrible fate. Do you see what I’m getting at?”

Drying my tears, I say, “Yes, Father.

I really am grateful for all that You have done

and continue to do for me and my family.

I just lost my mind for a minute.

But, I thank You for setting me straight.

I love You, Lord,

more than that thing that brought me to tears.

I really do.”

“I know you do, child. I’m actually glad you came to Me. And, I’m glad we had this talk. Now don’t let it happen again!” He says, with a wink.

Day 73 - Judges chapters 9-12 and Psalms 73


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