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Her sweetness is his weakness

I’ve always felt sorry for Samson. He fell for a woman who tricked him into telling her the secret of his brute strength. In his sleep, she shaved off the locs he had been growing his entire life. Samson was invincible to everyone, except for the woman he loved. And, she used that love against him. He was then captured and blinded by his enemies, and turned into their prisoner for life.

Day 75 - Judges chapters 16-18 and Psalms 75

If only he didn’t fall for the wrong woman! If only he didn’t trust her with his secret! That’s how I felt when I only knew part of the story. Now, having read the chain of events from start to finish, I have a different opinion of poor Samson. I still feel sorry for him, but not because he was taken advantage of by the feminine wiles of a worldly woman. I feel sorry for him because he was a victim of his own overblown ego.

How I imagine Samson's hair might have looked.

Samson was special since before he was born. He must have known that. And as a grown man, his strength was unmatched in all the land. He killed a lion with his bare hands. In anger, he killed 30 men for their clothes, just to settle a debt that he owed. Out for revenge, he wrangled 300 foxes and sent them as fiery weapons into a storehouse full of grains. One violent act after another led to Samson slaughtering even more men out of vengeance. His strength was known far and wide. And, he must have felt like he was untouchable... above the law.

He may also have felt irresistible to the ladies. Instead of choosing from among his own people, however, Samson went against his parents’ wishes and chose a bride from among their oppressors. I’m just postulating here, but perhaps the women of his own people weren’t glamorous enough or powerful enough for him. Perhaps he saw Philistine women as a step up. And, since he was the infamous phenom with the long hair and super-sized muscles, perhaps Samson felt that he deserved to marry a woman of “higher station.”

But because he had made so many enemies after his unconsummated nuptials, Samson had to keep moving. Even though there were many people after him, he didn’t let that stop his sexcapades. He clearly had a weakness for women.

In one town, he stopped just long enough to spend the night with a prostitute. Then, in another town, he met and fell in love with the lovely Delilah. This woman must have been quite captivating because not only did he linger longer with her, he gave her the secret that would end up causing his demise.

It is baffling that Samson would give up that information, especially when she proved several times that she would use it against him. Did he think she would keep this particular secret, even though she had divulged all the others? Did he forget that his bride also gave up his secret to the riddle that he bet the wedding guests that they wouldn’t solve? Shouldn’t he have learned by now that these women couldn’t be trusted? Or did he erroneously think his strength couldn’t be taken away?

Poor Samson lost all of these bets. And he lost them all due to his misplaced trust in the women he chose. It’s a familiar story, actually. The big, strong, powerful man starts to believe his own hype. He gets caught up in his own arrogance. His ego drives him to ruin when a beautiful woman comes along, and pierces his armor. Then, all anyone can say is, “Oh, how the mighty one has fallen!”


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