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Scary stuff

Scary movies are not my thing! Never were, never will be! Why the exclamation marks? Because I want you to know how emphatically serious I am about that!!

Even as a child, I hated them. My mom used to love watching vampire movies, and they would freak me out. Then, when The Exorcist came on television, the images of that demon-possessed little girl burned in my memory for far too long. I remember going to bed every night with the covers over my head, except for a small opening near my nose so I could breathe.

This might sound silly to some, but I believe there are dark spiritual influences operating in the background of those movies. Many view them as harmless entertainment, but I’ve always seen them as dangerous, spiritually speaking.

I used to tell my kids not to watch those movies in our house because I didn’t want those influences to think they were welcome in our home. I also told them to be careful about exposing themselves to those types of movies elsewhere, because those same influences would follow them home.

Day 87 - 2 Samuel chapters 1-3 and Psalms 87

Even before I ever read a verse of Scripture, I’ve always believed there’s a spirit realm that exists right alongside the physical realm. It's a parallel universe that’s just as real as the one we can see. King Saul’s encounter with the medium, near the end of 1 Samuel, illustrates that perfectly.

Saul’s repeated disobedience had driven God away a long time ago. So, when Saul asked Him for guidance about the battle he was about to fight, there was no answer. God was silent.

Saul was alone to figure out his next step, so he consulted with a medium. Even though God forbid the Israelites from using them, and even though Saul himself had banished them, he was desperate enough to break all the rules.

Do not turn to mediums or necromancers;

do not seek them out, and so make yourselves unclean by them:

I am the Lord your God.

Leviticus 19:31

I’ve never sat with a psychic or palm reader before, but I’ve seen them on TV. It’s completely fascinating to hear them tell a perfect stranger certain truths about themselves that they couldn’t have possibly known. It’s also completely spooky to me. Even when the psychics are helping people solve crimes, finding missing persons, or giving relationship advice, my spirit sends up red flags.

This is another warning I’ve always given to my sons: “Do not allow anyone to read your palm, or tell your fortune with tea leaves, tarot cards, Ouija boards, or any other psychic tool because those spirits they communicate with will follow you home and wreak havoc in your lives.”

Now, I know there’s a more concrete reason not to engage in that sort of activity. Because God said so!

Saul had already earned himself a spot in the “dog house” with God, so I imagine he thought he had nothing to lose by asking a medium to call up Samuel from the dead. The prophet came “up” from wherever he was to tell Saul that he would soon be dead, too. Sure enough, Saul ended up taking his own life by falling on his sword to avoid being captured and killed by his enemies.

In my mind, there's just no good reason to take chances with dark spiritual forces. We don't dabble in astrology, and neither do we celebrate Halloween (as I discussed in a previous post).

My husband and I have too many sons out there navigating this society to risk them falling prey to the havoc we see so many others having to deal with constantly. No sir! There will be no "dog house" for us. We need God on our side, always.


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