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Don't ask me...

Ask God. That’s what my earthly father used to say whenever I asked for his opinion or advice as a young adult. And that’s what King David did before forging ahead in battle. Unlike King Saul, who consulted a medium and communicated with the dead, David remained faithful to the Lord.

Day 88 - 2 Samuel chapters 4-8 and Psalms 88

David was a flawed human being, as we all are, but he was always good about asking God for His direction. I learned how to do that in my early days as a believer, and I have my earthly father to thank for that. You might have read in my previous blog posts that I was a fatherless child raised by a single mom. But in case you haven’t, here’s a little background... I was a daddy’s girl before my parents split up. His smile made me smile. The strength in his voice made me feel safe. His laugh was loud and infectious. He was tall, dark, and handsome with a friendly charm. He was my Da-da.

Although I was only 4 years old, I remember vividly the moment when I learned that he left. My mother had been at work all day, and I was at preschool. The school bus used to drop me off at the corner right in front of the little duplex where we lived.

My mom’s grandmother, who lived just up the street, used to babysit me until my mom was done working. I remember Ma Nellie making me stewed apples or bread and butter on days like that. She, too, had a great smile and easy demeanor.

My first years of life were simple, comfortable, and filled with family. But that changed all in one day for me when my mom picked me up from Ma Nellie’s house. I was excited to go home and see my Da-da because I hadn’t seen him all day. When my mom opened the front door, I bolted into the house running from front to back, and yelling, “Da-da! Da-da!” I can still hear the heels of my patent leather shoes hitting the hardwood floor of that little shotgun house we called home. I can also still hear my mother saying, “Girl, your daddy’s gone.” And, I still remember my tears. In fact, that’s the last memory I have before that car trip half-way across country, just my mom and me. From the age of 4 to about 20, I was essentially fatherless. He sent birthday cards. He would call on Christmas. But the day to day stuff was all on my mom. Over the years, my father must have studied Scripture and developed a prayer life because when he re-entered my life, he brought Jesus with him. He relocated years later to our adopted city, saying God told him that I was going to need him. Boy did I! I managed to make it through all of my school years without a father to protect me, to guide me, to teach me about life. It wasn’t until college that I started to falter. But that’s another topic entirely. The point here is that I certainly needed a strong male figure, one who knew the Lord. My earthly father introduced me to my Heavenly Father at the perfect time in my life, when everything was going wrong.

Read my next post where I continue this story about how I learned to just "Ask God."

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