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When everything seems to be going wrong in your life, and you find yourself at a crossroads, that also happens to be the worst time to make decisions on your own. We often search outside of ourselves for direction, advice, assistance, even rescue. But nothing and no one can rescue you from these necessary struggles in your life. You call your best friends, and they try to give you the best advice that they can offer. But when you hang up the phone, you’re still all alone. I think that’s why my earthly father introduced me to my Heavenly Father. As I mentioned in my previous post, he knew I would need him because God told him so. Within a year of him moving to be near me, I found myself at my very first crossroads. And, that’s why I believed what he said. My mother didn’t believe him, though. She had no reason to. But, it hurt me when she said, “He’s not thinking about you. He moved here to take care of his momma.” True enough. His siblings already lived in California before we got there. And their mom followed many years later after losing her husband, then falling ill herself. My dad was the last to move, and yes, his motivation was to help his sister take care of their mom. But, I believed what he said about moving for me, too. Not so much because I trusted his word, which was difficult to do considering our distance over the years. I believed him because the timing couldn’t have been a coincidence. Before then, I was one of those people for whom everything seemed to always work out. No mess. No drama. No problems. Then suddenly, everything changed. Without going into great detail, I dug a ditch so deep for myself that I could no longer see the sun.

Day 89 - 2 Samuel chapters 9-12 and Psalms 89 I imagine Saul felt that way when he decided to ask a medium to call up the dead spirit of Samuel for help. And when I read the Psalms, I can feel the anguish in David’s soul when he called out to God. In 2 Samuel, he asked God whether he should battle with the Philistines or not. And, God responded…

Between the two, David had the better outcome. Saul died in battle, yet David was victorious. It’s easy to see that asking God was and is the better option. Then, we saw in the chapters today that David got himself into a bit of trouble, operating outside of God's laws.

He decided to pursue the wife of one of his soldiers, then had the poor guy killed on the battle field. How could such a man of faith falter to such a degree? Well, we all can. None of us is perfect.

Perhaps my dad knew this when he introduced me to the Lord. He answered my questions about how to pray, how to have faith, where to find Scriptures about healing, obedience, and even marriage.

He was just a phone call away whenever I needed understanding, but he hesitated to give me his own opinion. He would usually point me to the Word. And, when there was no specific answer, he would say, “Ask God.” “Ok, I will,” I’d say, “but what do YOU think?” “Ask God,” he’d repeat. “But how will I know whether the answer I get is from God or just something that pops into my head from who knows where?” I’d question. “You’ll know.” And that was how it went most of the time. I’d sigh, then I’d go and ask God. I had no choice. Over time, I began to recognize God's voice. It wasn’t an audible voice, but it was a knowing that developed within the pit of my stomach.

About nine years after he made that first introduction, my dad died. And, it wasn’t until after my earthly father was gone...gone for good this time...that I relied heavily upon my Heavenly Father.

I knew no one else who could help me grasp the new and complicated concepts I was learning about walking by faith. There was no one else who could help me connect the dots between Scripture and its practical application in every day life.

After my dad died, I had no one to turn to in those areas besides God Himself. And, that’s when my relationship with God the Father deepened. I prayed about everything! My marriage. My kids. Their health. Their safety. Their success at school. Our finances. Everything!

And, being in constant prayer really did help me to recognize God’s “voice.” It’s gotten to the point now where I don’t want to make a move without consulting Him first. In 30 years, He has never steered us wrong, and I’d say that’s a pretty good track record.


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