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Be healed

Have you ever been sick while traveling? I have. The first time, I was a little girl riding on a train with my mom. I have a vivid memory of feeling feverish, then throwing up orange juice. Gross, right? My poor mother had to deal with a sick child in a confined space that we still had to occupy for another couple of days. I’m sure we both missed whatever scenery or fun we could’ve had along the way. Then, a few years ago, I got sick when my husband and I went to Las Vegas. I was coughing my head off and fighting fever the entire time we were there, which I’m sure ruined his fun. I was stuck in the hotel, and he was stuck most of that time babysitting me.

I don’t get sick often, so I was caught off guard when I came down with the coughing fits again on Resurrection Day. By the next day, I was fighting fever, chills, and body aches on top of that incessant cough. Oh no, not the flu! Oh yes, it finally caught me. And, it snuck up on me so quickly that all I could do was curl into a fetal position while praying for it to go away. I searched through the pages of my Bible to find all the Scriptures about healing that have been in my arsenal for decades. Then, I fed them to my spirit.

I also tried to remember to feed my body and drink plenty of fluids, but I must admit that I didn’t take care of myself as well as I take care of my loved ones. So, within just a few days, my symptoms worsened. I found myself in the doctor’s office where the nurse informed me I was so dehydrated that my body was beginning to eat itself. I went home with a prescription for antibiotics, and instructions to force myself to eat and drink. Of course I complied.

I may not have been on a physical trip when symptoms struck me, but I was most certainly on a spiritual journey that’s been going strong since January 1st. Up until now, I had done a pretty good job staying true to my commitment to read and post every day, come what may. I’ve learned to work around writer’s block, taxes, exhaustion, family gatherings, and personal stresses. None of that managed to derail my journey.

So, I’m beyond disappointed that the wheels came to a sudden halt exactly one week ago due to the flu. I managed to continue just the reading portion of my journey, but had no energy to take even minimal notes. In the midst of my feverish haze, I remember King David mourning the death of his son Absalom. Then later, before his own death, I remember him naming his son Solomon as his successor. I remember God being pleased with Solomon because he asked for wisdom instead of wealth. I remember the detailed passages about the houses Solomon built, one for himself and one for the Lord. I remember how he wowed the Queen of Sheba with his charm and intelligence. I remember thinking that Solomon wowed a lot of women, a thousand of them to be exact. What a man he must have been! But instead of getting to know these people up close and personal, I experienced last week's chapters as though I was watching through a window from across the street. I felt like a child that couldn’t go out to play. Not enough time and energy was spent connecting to the events I read about. And, when I’m not connected to what I read, it won’t take root in my spirit. So, I’ve decided to just back up. Those chapters in 1 Kings deserve as much attention as all the books that came before. More than likely, I’ll re-read two days worth of chapters every day until I’m caught up. This way, I’ll be back on schedule in about one week, and I’ll share my raw notes right here on my blog. Life often happens in ways we can’t predict. But I’m beyond grateful that it has only taken me a week to start feeling better, especially considering how horrible the flu can be. The winning combination for me was:

#1 Seek God first - Meditate on His Word. Listen for His wisdom about what to do for my physical body.

#2 Do what He says - I kept hearing through various people, “Go to the doctor.” Had I not listened when I did, I could’ve ended up in the hospital.

#3 Eat clean - Fresh, nutritious, non-inflammatory foods through the day. Fruits. Green leafy vegetables. No dairy. No fried foods. No red meat. No processed foods.

#4 Drink plenty of fluids - Water. Tea with lemon and honey. Green smoothies. Soup. All throughout the day.

#5 Keep taking my vitamins - Especially the D3, C , Zinc, B complex, and probiotics.

#6 Take my medicine - The antibiotics and breathing treatments literally saved my life.


#7 REST! - Allow myself to sleep when sleepy, no matter what time of day it is.

Stay well, everyone! Be blessed, and be healed.


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