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It's day 100!

I can't even tell you how excited I am to reach the 100th day of my Bible-in-a-year-reading-and-writing-marathon-journey. Whew that was a mouth full!

I'm following along with the Read Scripture app schedule, and I love how it's chronological, instead of jumping back and forth between the Old Testament and the New. I've tried those before and, for me, this is better because my mind gets to spend extended periods of time in the same place getting to know the people in depth.

If I can compare it to traveling, it would be like taking my time to explore all the museums and historical places in Paris before boarding an airplane to London to do the same. I get to immerse myself in the culture of one locale, instead of flying back and forth each day.

That would feel like whiplash to my mind, which already needs soothing after reading about all the murder and mayhem that went on in ancient times. Which brings me to another benefit to this particular schedule.

Each day, I'm reminded of God's awesome wonder in the book of Psalms. I'd compare that to stepping into the fresh air and sunshine after exiting a cold, dark movie theater where you've just seen a heart-wrenching, tear-jerking, Academy Award-winning film about war. The experience is worth it, but you might need a pick-me-up afterwards.'ll notice in that picture above that I haven't clicked on "Start" yet for April 10th. Well, if you read my previous post, you'd know that I decided to back up a bit. I came down with the flu after writing about Resurrection Day. And, although I stayed the course, I don't remember much about what I read. In order to continue writing about this journey, it's necessary for me to back up and get a clear picture of what was going on.

I won't be behind for long, though, because the next few posts will include some of my notes for 2-3 days at a time. Picking up where I left off, my notes below will cover...

Day 91-93 - 2 Samuel 16-24

16:3 - Mephibosheth wasn’t loyal to David since he was looking forward to getting the throne away from him. He ate at David’s table, so he must've had an allegiance to Absalom. Not everyone who eats at your table is trustworthy. And for David, no one eating at his table could be trusted. His son, Amnon raped his daughter. His son Absalom killed Amnon, then conspired to steal his throne. And his best friend Jonathan’s son, Mephibosheth, who David welcomed with open arms, was also looking forward to his demise. It’s lonely at the top!

17:14 - David asked God to turn Ahithophel's counsel into foolishness. But instead, God allowed Ahithophel's 'good counsel' to be defeated by making Absalom decide against it. So did God answer David's prayer? Yes and no. He didn't give David exactly what he asked for, yet the result was the same: victory for David. The lesson: In our limited human wisdom, we may not always know what to ask when we pray. But, God knows what we need and will orchestrate the best outcome regardless of our inadequacies.

19:23 - Oh really now? Shimei did all that big bad talk, throwing rocks, and kicking up the dust. But here he’s begging for forgiveness? David was a good man for this. The very picture of forgiving your enemies, in this instance.

20:10 - Dang Joab was ruthless! Why did Amasa delay in the first place? Had he been on time, David wouldn’t have had to use Joab at all, and he wouldn't have been lying on the road bleeding to death! The lesson: Never delay.

21:9 - Perhaps the sacrifice of human beings to cleanse sin was necessary among the Israelites, up to the ultimate human sacrifice of His Son, Jesus. Perhaps Jesus' death hanging on the cross put an end to this sort of brutality, and all the brutality of the OT. Maybe God became weary of all the violence the people constantly enacted upon each other, and He ended it by sacrificing His own Son in such a brutal way. A loving God must have been hurt each time his children would get caught in the thicket of His laws, like the lamb Abraham sacrificed in place of his own son, Isaac.

22:1-20 - Whew! His glory! His power! David's humility...the very opposite of ego and self reliance.

22:50 - David seemed to be saying, "I'm gonna let 'em all know..." It was important to David not to just praise God amongst his own people, in effect 'preaching to the choir,' but equally important to praise God among the outsiders so they knew they just tried, tested, and failed against the Almighty God.

24:10 - After reading several versions, I’m still not clear on what exactly David did wrong. When God told him to go number the people of Israel, should he have gone himself instead of sending the army without him? The Message version indicates that David was guilty about trusting the statistics over trusting God. Other versions said he was guilty for counting the people. These don’t make sense to me because didn’t God TELL him to go count the people? So why should he feel guilty for doing what God told him to do?

So I’m thinking maybe he felt guilty because, instead of going to complete the long arduous task himself, he sent others to do it for him. By sending Joab and the others, maybe he did an end run around God's instructions. When God tells us to do something, we should never pass the task along to someone else.

24:15 - Dang! David sinned and 70,000 people died?!? People really are at the mercy of their leaders. Thankfully we have Christ as our King now!

24:19 - This is what David should’ve done before. Here, he’s told to go, and he went. He didn’t send someone else to build the altar.

24:24 - That’s right! When we give to the Lord, it must be a sacrifice for us personally. Giving away something that you yourself didn’t work for isn’t really giving. It’s not giving of yourself. It’s not the thought that counts, but the sacrifice that does.


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