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Bible boot camp

You know how some people start a daily workout program to lose weight, but then during the process they receive some unexpected benefits? They often find that they have more energy and less stress. Sometimes they speak of better sleep and even smoother skin.

Well, I’m having that kind of unexpected benefit with this daily Bible program that I’m on. I expected to shed some of the things that used to weigh me down (like news in the morning, and junk TV at night). But I’ve noticed some additional benefits that I didn’t know would come along with sticking to this marathon schedule.

  • Everything makes more sense! Whenever I’d read a book in the Bible, I’d forget the details because it would take me months to get through it. But now, I’m able to connect the dots better because they’re not spaced so far apart. I see the big picture that’s painted by the events that now flow together seamlessly.

  • I’m fascinated! Reading the Bible on such a condensed schedule isn’t the chore I thought it would be. As a believer, I find it to be enriching. Even for non-believers, I would think it’s at least informative. It gives the reader an in-depth walk through the most well-known and researched events in the history of the world.

  • It’s transformative! For those, like me, who are looking for a change in their lives, the Bible is literally uplifting. I’m already experiencing a major shift in what matters to me. Things that used to be important are no longer. Just how small and limited I am as a human being has been magnified. I am humbled, yet also elevated.

  • It’s an experience! When I was in school, just the act of writing down notes from a textbook prepared me for an upcoming test, even if I never read those notes. In the same way, writing about the Bible has helped me digest and retain what I’ve read. No longer does it feel like I’m reading a bunch of unrelated historical facts that exit my mind as soon as the book is over. It’s much more engaging this way.

So, below I’m sharing some of the raw notes I took while reading…

Day 94-96 - 1 Kings chapters 1-10

I’m still playing catch-up, as mentioned in my It's Day 100! post.

(The links below will take you directly to the passage.)

2:15-17 - Adonijah came at this the wrong way. “This kingdom is rightfully mine, and errrbody knew it. But y’all stole it right out from under me, claiming that the Lord made you do it. So the least y’all can do is give me that lil shawty over there. Y’all owe me that much!”

2:22-24 - And Solomon’s response was like, “See I knew that fool was up to no good! He cannot be trusted. He’s gonna roll up on my mother with this mess instead of coming to me like a man. He’s playing on your emotions, knowing full well that you don’t like that girl and would do just about anything to get her out of your sight. He could have any woman in the kingdom, but he wants this one so he can show everybody that he’s got the dear departed king’s latest young tenderoni. Well, he done messed up now!”

2:27 - Oh dang, this goes all the way back to the house of Eli? See you just never know how long it will take to reap what you sow. But best believe, you will reap it. It could be generations down the line, but the seeds you sow will be reaped...eventually. Count on it!

2:40-43 - Shimei lived under a false sense of security just long enough for him to get caught slipping. He thought no one was paying attention. Surely he underestimated the seriousness of Solomon’s instructions. There was no gray area. He left no wiggle room. But people like that often live in the gray space of ducking and dodging the rules. And when they get caught in that space, unable to wriggle themselves out of the ropes that bind them, then they want to blame the rules as being unfair. Or they blame the rule-maker for being unjust.

4:33 - Solomon wasn't just wise in judgment, but apparently he was knowledgeable on various subjects. God even taught him about science!

5:4 - I love this! "The Lord has given me rest on every side. There is neither adversary nor misfortune."

6:1 - It took almost 500 years to get these people right! Sheesh!!

6:2,11-14 - God gave Noah specific instructions and measurements for the ark, and God gave Moses specific instructions for the tabernacle, but it seems here that God gives no specific instructions to Solomon regarding dimensions and placement for the temple. Why is this? Is it because He had already given Solomon various kinds of wisdom and knowledge? Could this be an example for us? Most of us pray and ask God at every turn what to do and how to do it in our daily lives. How do I get a better job? What career should I pursue? Whom should I marry? How do I get well? Where should I live? Maybe we should follow Solomon's example and ask for wisdom, then trust the Holy Spirit to guide us in the right direction.

8:27 - Aaaah humility!!! That's how humble we are to be before God!

8:35,47 - Yes! We can't just pray! We have to pray AND turn away...turn away from sinful ways!!! Too often this part is missed.

10:4 - Solomon took the Queen of Sheba’s breath away? Wow, I wonder what Pharaoh’s daughter thought of this woman who came bearing gifts for her husband.

10:29 - Such a time of peace and prosperity! It makes me feel like something is about to happen to humble the people. Throughout history, there always seems to be a cycle of struggle and pain after which prosperity follows after which struggle returns...and so on...and so on. Is this just life?


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