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I often get excited by what I read in the Scriptures. Sometimes, the words jump off the page and speak to me. Not audibly, of course. But, in my spirit, I sense that there's a lesson or message in there for me to receive.

It's a little bit like opening your inbox and almost hearing the unread emails in bold saying, "Read me first because I've got something new for you to see." Or, perhaps it's more special than that, like receiving a hand-written note from someone you care about. It becomes a cherished keepsake, stored in your heart forever.

You want to remember every word, so you read it over and over again before placing it in a special drawer or in a box with a bow. That's how I feel about the Bible passages that tug at my heart. That's why I write notes to myself about them, so that I'll remember them forever.

And, that's why I share them here on my blog from time to case there's someone out there who might enjoy receiving them, also.

Day 108 - 2 Kings chapters 20-22

(As always, click the verses to read the Bible passages listed.)

20:1-6 - See this is what it looks like when you’re obedient to the Lord. He hears your prayer and responds like any Father would. He gives His loving children what they come before Him in humility to request. God healed Hezekiah and added years to his life. This is awesome!

Yes! My fist is pumping in the air! THIS is what God does for those who faithfully follow Him and only Him! God heard Hezekiah's prayer and his cry, then changed His mind as a result! This is huge!

This makes me so emotional because there have been several times when things in my life have become too much to physically bear, and I prayed an urgent prayer with tears streaming down my face. I've noticed many times that whenever I've gotten to that point, it's almost as if God stepped in immediately and put an end to whatever was causing me such distress. Seriously!

From family issues to migraines to finances to everything! I would tolerate things as long as I possibly could, and then I'd break down, and God stepped in...EVERY time! We must walk Hezekiah's kind of walk if we want the kind of relationship he had with God. 20:7 - God even tells us how to heal our physical ailments with his natural elements. All we have to do is listen...then do! I've experienced this many times, as well. For myself and my kids, God has revealed many times what to do to solve an issue in our bodies. 20:12-18 - Any time you brag about what you have, what's the first thought that some people will get? "Wow, I wish I had what he has." Then they immediately begin to devise a plan in their minds to get something just like you have. Or, if they can't, they'll fantasize about just taking the very thing that belongs to you. Or, they'll find a way to ruin what you have so they can bring you down to the same level they're on. So what's the lesson? Don't ever brag about what you have. 20:19 - Why would Hezekiah think this is a good thing? For his people to be taken into captivity to another land? Isn’t it selfish of him to say, “Well at least this won’t happen until I’m dead and gone.” What’s this about? 21:2-3 - Why would Hezekiah’s son do this? Didn’t he see how faithful his father was to the Lord? Or, maybe he was too young to understand where all their blessings came from. Typically, the sons of successful men somehow miss how dedicated those men had to be to acquire their greatness.

They somehow miss the hard work and strength of character it took for their father to prepare a legacy for his children. These sons sometimes bask in the glow of the light emanating from their father, yet they neglect to create any light of their own. And they perish as a result of their lack of dedication.

21:6 - No doubt Hezekiah's son was spoiled by growing up in the lap of luxury. And he thought he could do whatever he wanted. He probably considered himself to be a “good person.” Or, maybe he told himself, “Everybody else is sacrificing their children, so why shouldn’t I? Everyone else is getting advice from psychics, so why shouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t I be able to do whatever feels good and makes me happy?” 22:8-13 - It sounds here like the high priest found the Book of the Law under a pile of dust that's been accumulating for 100 years or something...or at least for the 18 years since Josiah became king because this is apparently the first time he's hearing these words.

This is probably why his father and his father's father became so entrenched in the evil pagan practices...because they had not heard the words in the Book of the Law. Doesn't this sound familiar?

When people don’t read the Book of the Law, they slip into disobedience. If you don’t know the Law, how can you obey it? You just become a reed that blows in the wind of whatever’s acceptable to society. And you fall prey to the whims of mankind.


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