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As promised in my previous post, I'm sharing some of the notes from my Archaeological Study Bible on the Book of Isaiah below. Hopefully, they will help my Bible buddies like they're helping me in my quest to understand this prophetic book.

I'll resume writing about my own personal journey through the Scriptures tomorrow. (Update: next week due to another writing project.)

In the meantime, I'll be digesting this information so that the poetically prophetic message of Isaiah gets firmly planted in my spirit. I pray it does the same for you...

The Zondervan Publishing Corporation, 2005

  • Isaiah labored under the foregone conclusion that the people would reject his message. Nevertheless, he followed through with his duty to warn the people and exhort them to repent.

  • Isaiah also offered words of comfort: The Gentile nations would also face judgment (chapters 13-19), a remnant of Israel as a whole would be healed and restored (chapter 40), and ultimately the Gentiles would turn to Israel’s God (2:2-4; 42:6).

  • His repeated symbolism of the vineyard, the winepress, and the cup of God’s wrath (5:7, 63:3, and 51:17, respectively).

  • The apocalyptic section of the book (chapters 24-27), focusing on the last days.

  • Examples of personification, one of Isaiah’s favorite literary devices (24:23; 35:1; 44:23; 55:12).


  • Judgment and Salvation

  • God is obligated by his very nature to punish his rebellious (1:2) and sinful (1:4) people.

  • But after judgment, he will have compassion on them (14:1-2),

  • and redeem them (41:14; 43:3; 49:8).

  • God as King

  • Isaiah pictures God as the sovereign King, the divine ruler who is characterized by justice, righteousness and holiness (5:16).

  • He calls his people to do right and to seek justice (1:17),

  • and stands against those who take advantage of the poor (5:8-10).

By the way, today is...

Day 115 - Isaiah chapters 28-30 and Psalms 115


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