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Merry Christmas!


Birth in and of itself is a miraculous event. If you’ve ever carried a tiny human in your belly, or if you’ve ever witnessed one emerge into what we call life, you must realize that the Creator is beyond amazing! As hard as mankind has tried to duplicate it and even extend it, the miracle of life is firmly in the grip of the one true God. The Almighty Himself. So, it’s not hard for me to believe that He miraculously planted a Seed into the womb of a virgin. But not just any Seed! This Seed would come to bruise the serpent’s heel. This Seed would come to rescue a world that didn’t even know it needed to be saved. This Seed would come to teach the world about love, forgiveness, and caring for those in need. This Seed would come to heal whatever sicknesses were plaguing those who believed in Him. This Seed would come to show us the pathway to a deep and meaningful relationship with His Father, the Creator, the Almighty God. SAY HIS NAME In spite of all the good that He represents, even His Name, stirs up anger in the souls of those who abhor Him. But, this is not new. Jesus told His disciples about this hatred. It’s the same hatred that nailed His hands and feet to a Cross. It’s the same hatred that pierced His side with a sword to hasten His death. This same hatred continues to exist today in the souls of those who would erase His Name from the day that His own miraculous birth is celebrated worldwide. But, Jesus hated no one, not even those who murdered Him. The intellects tell us that Jesus couldn’t have been born in winter, but more likely in summer. Intellects tell us that decorating trees and houses is really a pagan celebration of the winter solstice. Intellects tell us that the so-called Immaculate Conception was scientifically impossible. Perhaps all of this is true. JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON But what’s also true is the fact that unto us a Child was born, whether it was in December or July. And His birth was miraculous, whether it can be explained scientifically or not. There’s no dispute about the goodness and light that He spread wherever He went. And for those of us who make a concerted effort to follow His examples of love and forgiveness, we are truly transformed from the inside out. I can say this because it happened to me. This is my own testimony. The love of Christ substantively changed who I was destined to become. This love continues to steer my every desire to coincide with His. Do I still have human emotions and reactions to the provocations of life? Absolutely! But then I’m quickly reminded of the joy that Jesus brings, and so I regroup. I’m reminded that He has already fought all of my battles, and so I rest. I’m reminded that He has forgiven me, and so I forgive.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS Whatever you’re celebrating this season, it’s really okay to celebrate the love, joy, peace, and healing that Jesus brought into the world, too. It’s okay to celebrate the fact that He transformed millions of lives over the last 2,000+ years. It’s okay to say His Name. And it’s certainly okay to say Merry Christmas!