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Proverbs 3

“Do not contend with a man for no reason when he has done you no harm.”

Well, Amen to every word in this verse right here! There’s so much tension and angst in relationships these days. Imperfect people placing their expectations of perfection upon one another is dividing the children of God. And, I can almost hear the Father say, “That’s enough! There will be no more fighting in My house.” People just need grace, acceptance, understanding, mercy, and truth. Not your truth or my truth, but God’s truth. We are all flawed human beings. And, we all need to humbly admit that what we’re all fighting over is trivial, petty, juvenile, and silly in the eyes of the Lord. But, unfortunately, it’s much easier to point fingers at one another than to receive correction for our own shortcomings. Self-reflection is difficult when you’re leaning on your own understanding instead of trusting the Lord and His Word. I don’t know how someone could read the Book of Proverbs and not be transformed in some way. You could live your whole life based solely on the words written in Proverbs 3, and you’d be taking a giant leap towards the destiny God has in store for you. Or, you could continue allowing your own ego to drive your every interaction and reaction to the world around you. The beautiful thing is that we all have a choice in the matter. And, choosing to follow the advice of a loving Father just makes sense to me.