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Proverbs 6

Okay, let me see if I’ve got this straight. Don’t co-sign on anybody’s debt. Don’t be a lazy slug. Don’t do any of the seven things that the Lord hates. Don’t stray away from what your parents taught you. Don’t mess with evil seducers. Don’t have sex with someone else’s spouse. Even though they’re mostly implied, that’s still a lot of “don’ts” packed into the 6th chapter of Proverbs. The “don’ts” and the “thou shalt nots” turn some people off from fully embracing a relationship with the Lord. But, turning a blind eye to Biblical wisdom doesn’t shield us from its consequences. When our parents told us not to play in the street, it’s because they didn’t want us to get hit by a car, right?

It wasn’t because they wanted to stifle us, spoil our fun, or ruin our lives. Parents pile a ton of “dont’s” upon the shoulders of their children, just like the Father does. And it’s all done out of love. So, when I see a “don’t” or a “thou shalt not,” I look both ways before running out into the street. I consider very strongly whether getting hit by a car is worth the risk. And more often than not, I’ll just turn right around and go back into the house where it’s safe and cozy.