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Proverbs 7

A picture formed in my mind as I read Proverbs 7. It was the picture of a father counseling his son... Listen, son. I’m about to drop some knowledge on you, so you better write this down. Tattoo it on your left arm if you have to. But always remember‭‭ what I’m about to tell you. Treat it like its precious gold. Love it like it’s the apple of your eye, because you’re gonna need this someday. There will be women throwing themselves at you. Some may even dress up like common street whores to get your attention. But, more than likely, the craftiest one will be wearing a cloak of deception, pretending to be pure when her heart is hard like stone. Listen to me when I tell you that her words will sound like music to the ears of a young, inexperienced man like you. You’ll be ripe for the picking, and she can’t wait to snatch you away from your tree of life. This woman may already have a husband, but often times she will not. She pledges love only to herself, and maneuvers everyone around her to do the same. If you fall into this trap, son, it will cost you your destiny, even your very soul. Listen to what I’m saying. Do not stray into the path of such a woman. She has been groomed by the best among them, but she has perfected the art. You won’t see her coming, and by the time you open your eyes, there will be no escape.