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Proverbs 8

What is wisdom? Or, perhaps the question should be: Who is wisdom? Wisdom is not a thing, but more like a spirit. How do I know? Well, because things don’t cry out to the sons of men, but wisdom does. Things don’t have a heart to love, but wisdom does. And, Proverbs 8 is her fervent call to all who lack understanding. “Listen,” she says, “to the words that are coming out of my mouth!” But, the foolish cannot hear her. The prideful are deaf, dumb, and blind to her. Wisdom hates their arrogance. She hates their wickedness. And, yet she calls out to them anyway. Why? Well, wisdom has a heart to love those who love her. She makes herself known to those who search high and low for her. She makes herself available to those who become humble enough to leave their hearts of stone behind. From the beginning of time to the present day and beyond, wisdom has crowned kings and lavished riches upon those who follow her instructions. And yet, she’s more valuable than all of that combined. She delights in sharing her never-ending treasure, and she’s generous beyond measure. All that she has is yours if you want it. So, check your ego at the door, and enter into her presence where there is life.