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Proverbs 9

“Marching” through Proverbs, at such a time as this, is feeding my very soul. Verses I’ve read before are reintroducing themselves as though we’ve never met. It’s no coincidence that they happen to speak to some troubles I’ve been having with difficult people in my life. There are no coincidences with God. Wisdom instructs those who have ears to hear. If you’re desperate for understanding, she opens her doors to you. She has built a house and set a beautiful table filled with bread and wine for guests who thirst for her knowledge. But, for those who choose not to enter, she says leave them alone. People who refuse correction are lost to their own devices. And, your efforts to rescue them only feeds the hate they already have in their hearts for you. If they are wise, they will love you for opening their eyes. They will receive correction with a humble heart. They will know that your efforts to redirect them comes from a place of love. And they will receive you with gladness. To the wise, I give my entire being. But for the rest, I give them over to God.