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Proverbs 10

When I read the Word of God, I’m in awe of its relevance. It truly is alive and breathes life into those who have a heart to receive it. Today, we’re reading Proverbs 10, which alone serves up enough wisdom to feed the multitudes. Before reading from or writing even one sentence about the sacred Scriptures, I approach them with the reverence they deserve. My prayers go something like this... "Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ Name, thank You for loving us enough to gift us with Your powerful Words. I’m constantly amazed by how rich and nourishing every book, chapter, and verse are. "Please reveal to me all that You want me to know as I study and meditate on Your Word today. And, if there’s anything within me that needs correction, please let me be humble enough to receive it. "I thank You for planting the desire in me to use my gifts in a way that pleases You. And, I pray that everyone who happens to read my writing is blessed by it in some way. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen."

I encourage everyone to pray before reading the Bible, whether using an app or a printed version. Remember to approach His Word with reverence and gratitude, always asking the Holy Spirit to guide you along the way. And, please receive the words I write as a reminder to read God’s Word first.