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Proverbs 12

When I accepted my hubby’s proposal at the age of 19, then married him at 21, I had not the slightest clue what I was getting myself into. No matter how great the guy is (and mine is as great as they come), no matter how much you love each other (and we had an abundance of that), there’s a huge learning curve for any woman taking on the position of wife. Although marriage begins with a ceremony, there’s nothing ceremonial about being a wife. According to Proverbs, a wife can make or break a man. She can bring him ever increasing joy, or debilitating misery. She can breathe life into his dreams, or inject him with so much venom that he becomes paralyzed for life. I’ve often told our grown sons to choose a woman who is kind and forgiving above all else. One who adds to their lives instead of subtracting. Women have the power to do both, and men oftentimes don’t realize this until they’re in too deep. So, as a wise old mother, I’ve tried to drop some serious Proverbs wisdom on them over the years. This is the wisdom that began molding and shaping me into a new creation the same year that I became a wife. There is no manual for being a wife and mother. Most of us bring to marriage what we learned watching our own parents navigate their positions. For better and for worse, we either emulate them, or we try to improve upon what we saw. I give God and His Word all the credit for teaching me how to maintain my crown. If not for the application of His Biblical teachings, I wouldn’t still be joyfully married today. My husband and I would not have achieved the dreams of our youth. And, I wouldn’t have the topic for my first book. Stay tuned.