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Proverbs 16

Gracious. Kind. Pleasant. These are the sweet words that describe the power we have to soothe each other’s souls. We are the only creations of God that have been given the gift of speech, the gift of language. Yet, we use that gift, more often than not to injure each other. When we receive gifts, we either wear them gratefully, or throw them into the back of the closet. We use them daily, or we let them collect dust. But, when we receive gifts from the Lord, we must use them wisely. There are no guarantees, but our relationships would have a much better chance at survival, even success, if only we would apply this verse daily. A wife’s soul could be bound to her husband forever if he continues to whisper sweet words into her ear. A husband’s soul might never stray if his wife continues to build him up with the sweetness she used to capture it. Now, parents! Our children need constant praise to balance out all of that criticism. And children! Remember that our parents are human, and also deserving of kindness, gentleness, and grace. The bottom line is that we are all spirits having a human experience on this earth. When we pour loving words into someone’s soul, those words have the boomerang effect of also soothing our own.