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Proverbs 18

OMG there’s so much deliciousness in today’s Proverb! It’s like a bag of potato chips. I can’t eat just one. Y’all really gotta get some of this good stuff. Although it’ll fill you up, it’s not fattening like junk food. The verses in Proverbs build muscle mass like you’ve never had before. We need these muscles to stand, to fight, and to win the battles we face every day. So, instead of writing a full commentary, I’m gonna just hit you with an appetizer, leaving room for you to feast on Proverbs 18 today. Read it twice. Meditate on it. Let it marinate. Let it be medicine for your soul. Let it humble you, even correct you. And, let it open your heart to a closer relationship with the Creator. Go ahead and Google Proverbs 18 right now, or open up the pages of your Bible if you have it handy. And, in the meantime, I’ll share a few of the verses that spoke to me today...