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Proverbs 19

I love a good nap. Don’t you? I love binge-watching a good drama series. Don’t you? I even love scrolling through my timeline, and sometimes the headlines. Don’t you? But, when I engage in these activities on a daily basis, I’m not living life. Instead, I’m giving in to a spirit of laziness. Not only is my body immobile, but so is my mind, and so is my creativity. Today’s Proverb tells us that laziness leads to hunger. You know that empty feeling you have in your stomach when you haven’t eaten for several hours? Well, that’s how empty your mind can become if you spend several hours a day on mindless activities. And, that’s how you can wake up years later and realize you’ve accomplished nothing. Laziness ultimately leads to an empty life. We were created to move. We were created to think and do. We were created to create. But, we were not given an infinite amount of time to do so. Our days on this earth are finite. So let’s get to work!

Please read the entire chapter because there’s so much more.