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Proverbs 22

There’s a funny story behind this picture, but I’ll get to that in just a second.

When my kids were babies, I’d pray over them, asking God to bless them, and to please heal them whenever they were sick. As they got older, we’d pray and study the Bible together. Why? Well, I decided to believe what today’s Proverb says. So, you have no idea how much it warms my heart to see my son and daughter-in-law praying with their kids. I see God’s blessing upon my children and my children’s children. And, I know that it’s because of faith in His Word. Now, my grandchildren are being trained up in the way that they should go. In the picture above, Mommy is taking the opportunity to teach her little girl the difference between glue stick and lipstick. Baby girl thought her lips were going to fall off because she confused the two. She was quite upset at the thought of losing her lips. So, Mommy kneeled before her, closed her eyes, and prayed a prayer of healing. Thankfully, Baby girl now knows how to pray. And she also knows how to tell the difference between glue and gloss.