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Proverbs 23

You are what you eat. But you’re also what you think. That’s what today’s Proverb says. So, what’s on your mind? When I think about all the loving, happy, encouraging, and supportive people in my life...I feel great! The sun shines a little brighter, the birds sing a little louder, and I wake up smiling. But, when I think about the sources of stress in my life...I feel awful! I have no energy for the day because I can’t sleep at night. The clouds consume me, and I just want to be alone. It takes effort for some of us to think on those things that bring joy to our lives, instead of majoring on the few things that don’t. It takes discipline to focus on activities that bring success to our lives, instead of wasting time on junk that gets us nowhere. We’re taught in 2 Corinthians to bring every thought into captivity. This must mean that we have the power to do so. We are in control of what we think, and therefore, we have some control over who we become. If we look into our own souls and don’t like what we see, perhaps we should examine our thoughts first. Perhaps we should feed them the proper nourishment, so that we can become the best version of ourselves. Now, I’ll ask again, what’s on your mind?