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Proverbs 24

When people inflict the kind of pain on you that’s taking forever to heal, it’s very tempting to wish for their downfall. You might beg the Lord to seek vengeance upon those you see as your enemies. And when they stumble, you might be tempted to do a happy dance or take a victory lap. But today’s Proverb says, “Don’t!” People set themselves against others for the flimsiest of reasons, yet have no clue that they’re also setting a trap for themselves. But, if you rejoice when that trap comes crashing down around them, you will also get caught. You’ll tumble together head long into a cavernous pit. So, again I remind you, “Don’t!” Let the Lord do His work in those who harm you. He doesn’t need your help. Do the opposite of what your emotions might dictate, and allow forgiveness to heal your pain. Let faith soothe your aching soul. Let the Holy Spirit comfort you. And, let the love of Christ fill your heart.