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Proverbs 25

“Are you serious? Not only do we have to forgive our enemies, but we have to feed them, too? We have to give them water to drink when they’re thirsty?

“But, I don’t even want to see their faces, Lord. I don’t even want to have to speak to them when I see them. I would rather push and shove them than embrace and hug them. “I would rather curse their very names and call them demons. I would rather sit across from them stone-faced and hard-hearted. I would rather drag them through the mud and spit venom at them. I would rather forget they even exist. In fact, I would rather they were never born. “I would rather... “I would rather... “I would rather... “Okay, wait. It’s not about what I want, is it? It’s not about me! This is about You. This is about my love for You. This is about my gratitude to You. This is about my faith and trust in You. If You, my Lord and Savior, ask me to do something, then how dare I desire to do the opposite! “Lord, please forgive me for my own hard heart. Please forgive me for my own disobedience. Please forgive me for my own loose tongue. Please forgive me for hating those You have commanded me to love. “I think I understand now, Lord. Love means putting others’ needs above my a father’s love. Like a mother’s love. Like Your love!” If the above conversation describes how you have ever felt about those you consider to be enemies in your life, I encourage you to get on your knees today and pray. Let the love of Christ flood your heart, and let there be substantive change in your attitude and behavior going forward. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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