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Proverbs 27

I often thank God for the people He has placed into my life who fill my empty spaces. At the top of my list (right beneath hubby, of course), is my good friend, Pam.

I hope she doesn’t mind that I’m shouting her out because she hates “living loudly.” That’s what she calls excessive sharing of your personal life in public the internet.

But, even if she minds, I know she’ll get over it. Even if she’s annoyed, I know we’ll end up laughing about it. That’s just what we do.

For 35 years, we’ve been each other’s resource for heartfelt counsel about everything from college classes to college parties, from boyfriends to husbands, from employment to unemployment, and from toddlers to teenagers.

I believe the Lord placed her in my life, and kept her there, because He knew I needed the type of unconditional acceptance only a sister can give. Sisters know each other’s flaws and failings, yet still prop each other up and straighten each other’s crowns.

I didn’t have that growing up. But I had it when it counted, as a young woman trying to figure out life, as a young mother trying to figure out who I am, as a human being just going through hurts and sorrows. To this very day, her heartfelt counsel has never failed me.

I tease her about her Pollyanna sunny side of the street approach to life, but the truth is I don’t know what I would’ve done without it. So, I’m beyond grateful for my friend who’s more like a sister. And I’m even more grateful to God for loving me enough to fill my empty spaces.